The Best GoPro Mounts for Motorcycles [Helmet and Handlebar Mounted]

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For the longest time, I was constantly disappointed that the most I could share with my family of my motorcycle adventures were still photos taken from rest stops or overlooks. Now, thanks to GoPro, that’s all changed. I can easily record my experiences for myself and others by mounting a GoPro on my helmet or … Read more

The Best GoPro for Motorcycle Riders

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The only thing better than my scenic fall rides through the Ozarks is to share the images of the beautiful landscape with my friends and family afterward. Thanks to GoPro, this is now easier than ever. I like to stay on top of GoPro’s recent innovations because they’re constantly improving the specs and features of … Read more

Is Riding a Motorcycle Hard?

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Riding a motorcycle isn’t very hard. It takes balance, concentration, and multitasking to use all the controls accurately, but this begins to come naturally with a little practice.  My uncle taught me to ride in a movie theater parking lot, and the first thing he did was go over the essential controls. These are: Throttle … Read more

Best Motorcycle Gloves Under $50

As a writer, my hands are very important to me. Consequently, I always make sure to have quality motorcycle gloves in my wardrobe. On the other hand, I don’t want to go over budget on gear.  Luckily, there are plenty of decent, protective motorcycle gloves that are inexpensive. I’ve found six under $50 (at the … Read more

Cardo vs. Sena: Motorcycle Headset Showdown

intercom on motorcycle helmet

Companies like Cardo and Sena have changed the motorcycle headset landscape with their mesh intercom systems that let you seamlessly connect multiple riders at once. As this technology has continued to improve, I’ve kept up with the flagship models of both these brands. Let’s look at how they compare face to face and what features … Read more

Top 10 Motorcycle Helmet Brands

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The list of motorcycle helmet brands seems to be endless, and that can make it hard to pick one out. Luckily for you—and unluckily for me—I’ve gone through my share of helmets and have learned along the way what makes each brand unique and its pros and cons. Here you’ll find my top 10 and … Read more

The 5 Best Motorcycle Hoodies For Stylish Protection [2021 Edition]

Armored hoodies

I love it when sweater weather comes around. Hoodies are versatile articles of clothing, and with the right features, make great motorcycle gear. This year I wanted to find the most protective, comfortable, and stylish hoodies out there. These five really stood out. The Best Motorcycle Hoodies Reviewed Merlin Hamlin Hoodie The Merlin Hamlin armored … Read more