Showdown: Honda Navi vs Honda Grom

Honda Navi vs Honda Grom - Featured Image

It seems like Honda is never satisfied with the range and versatility of their line of miniMOTOs, now adding the Navi to their American lineup. If you’re looking for a small motorcycle, whether for commuting or just for fun, the Honda Navi and Honda Grom are lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to customize. However, … Read more

Do Motorcycles Have Airbags?

motorbike crash scene

Safety is one of the biggest concerns on a motorcycle. As a result, most riders have a lot of questions about motorcycle features and gear that increase security. For those new to riding, it can sometimes be surprising how much motorcycle safety differs from car safety, airbags being one of the biggest examples of this. … Read more

Yamaha XSR700 vs XSR900: The Showdown

No one denies that sports bikes are fun, but I rarely find them as aesthetically charming as customs or cafe racers. The Yamaha XSR series proves that sportsbikes can be beautiful too. Since the series caught my eye so convincingly, I wanted to compare two of its most popular models: the XSR700 and the XSR900. … Read more