Best Lithium Motorcycle Battery Charger

battery jumper cables

Lithium-ion batteries have come to dominate the battery market and have even become popular in motorcycles. I certainly prefer them due to their larger capacity, lower maintenance, and more compact size.  One of the most convenient parts of lithium-ion batteries is the ease of charging and maintaining them with the many smart chargers on the … Read more

Motorcycle Chain Lube vs Chain Wax

greasing motorcycle chain

Lubrication is necessary to protect your gears and chain and allow for smooth riding. It also helps keep water off the chain, which can lengthen its life by preventing rust. Both chain wax and chain lube are effective ways to do this, and which you should use ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and … Read more

Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire?

motorcycle helmets in car

If you dug through your grandpa’s garage and found an old helmet from the 1930s, the paint cracked and fading, the chinstrap loose and frayed, would you feel comfortable wearing it? Most people instinctively know helmets get less safe over the years, but the question is, when exactly is it time to get a new … Read more

The Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking

motorcycle rider and bike

As a commuter who uses his motorcycle for commuting to work, traveling to the grocery store, or just going out on a Saturday night, I’ve always needed motorcycle boots I can walk around in. I’ve spent hours researching the major brands and their latest innovations and then hit the market in search of the boots … Read more

Best Budget Motorcycle Helmets Under $100

motorcycle helmets on wall

Whether you are just starting out and want to try riding before you commit to top-end gear, or you want to keep a backup helmet for when you are cleaning your liners on your main helmet. Sometimes you just don’t want to overspend on a new helmet. Whatever the reason for your budget, you will … Read more

Do Motorcycles Have Horns?

Vintage motorcycle horn

Can you remember the last time you heard a motorcycle honk? I can’t. Motorcyclists so rarely use their horns that many believe their bike doesn’t even have one. That isn’t the case. In reality, unless they’re custom bikes or the horn has specifically been removed, all motorcycles will have a horn because it’s required to … Read more