13 Tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Bikers riding along mountains

Riding around town, cruising the boulevard, and going to bike nights at the local hotspot is fun. But for some of us, the open road beckons us. Let’s talk about long-distance motorcycle riding.  For the sake of clarity, I am assuming that you aren’t moto-camping or using a motorcycle camping trailer. I have logged over … Read more

The 4 Different Motorcycle Battery Types Explained

motorcycle battery and multimeter

Batteries are a necessary part of a modern motorcycle’s operation. The old days of kick starts and tuning carburetors are fading into the past. Today’s street bikes are all fuel-injected, computer-controlled, and loaded with accessories. Sure there are a  few minimalist bikes out there, but it’s a diminishing market for them – we like flashy … Read more

How long do motorcycle chains last?

greasing motorcycle chain

The answer is both complicated and straightforward. The simple answer assumes that the chain is maintained correctly and paired with a properly maintained sprocket set.  A good quality O-ring chain should last 20,000 to 30,000 miles if properly cleaned and lubricated. A chain can fail as soon as 5,000 miles if you buy a lower … Read more

Are Motorcycles Cheaper Than Cars?

motorcycle versus car image

Yes, they are….. From a certain point of view….. Like so many other things in life, the honest answer is “It depends.” The bike will have a smaller “startup” cost than the car, but as gear, accessories, and maintenance piles up, the numbers start to balance out. Of course, you have to compare similar “levels” … Read more

12 Ways To Make Your Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

motorcycle helmets

“What did you say? I can’t hear you!” You know the feeling. You just got back from a day of roaring down the highway, enjoying the ride and the scenery. But after you shut off the bike and take off your helmet there is a high-pitched ringing in your ears that makes conversation difficult until … Read more