The Best GoPro Mounts for Motorcycles [Helmet and Handlebar Mounted]


For the longest time, I was constantly disappointed that the most I could share with my family of my motorcycle adventures were still photos taken from rest stops or overlooks.

Now, thanks to GoPro, that’s all changed. I can easily record my experiences for myself and others by mounting a GoPro on my helmet or handlebars.

Of course, there are several ways to mount your GoPro, and you want the best to protect your expensive camera.

Here are my favorites for both helmet and handlebar mounting and what I looked for when choosing them.

Best Helmet Mount
GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

Name-brand quality and compatibility

Made by GoPro, it provides both stability and flexibility for any GoPro in the Hero line.

Best Handlebar Mount
Biaoniu Camera Motorcycle Mount Biaoniu Camera Motorcycle Mount

A firm grip for steady video

The tough clamp holds your GoPro firm at high speeds while still being easy to install. 

The Best Motorcycle Helmet GoPro Mounts Reviewed

Official GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

When getting motorcycle accessories, I always recommend getting the same brand whenever possible because it eliminates compatibility issues.

If you’re using a GoPro camera, getting the official mount from GoPro ensures an easy but stable fit on your helmet. Sure, you’ll pay a little more for the name brand, but it’s worth it for the convenience and quality.

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Aside from the smooth compatibility, the GoPro mount is ideal because it offers so many versatile options. This is an adhesive mount, meaning the mount sticks to your helmet, allowing you to choose exactly where you want it.

If recording panoramics, you can put it on top. Or, if you just want to catch a certain part of the landscape, you can attach it to the side.

GoPro addressed many of the downsides of adhesive mounts by including a swivel mount apparatus that attaches to the adhesive base. This way, even though the base is stuck permanently to a specific part of your helmet, you can still change the angle and orientation of the camera when you need to. 


  • Easy compatibility with GoPro Hero models
  • Adhesive base for stability
  • Swivel mount for adjustability 


  • Name-brand price

Sametop Helmet Adhesive Sticky Mounts 

The Sametop adhesive mounting kit is a basic sticky mount that’s inexpensive but still gives you several options for mounting.

Specifically, you get three curved mounts and three flat. This lets you put mounts on multiple helmets or gear or even multiple places on the same helmet.

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Of course, the downside with adhesive mounts like this is that when the GoPro is attached to a specific mount, it’s pretty much set in place.

You can still get different angles by attaching multiple mounts to different places, but you’ll have to physically move the GoPro to utilize them. Plus, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for error when you’re installing the mounts.

That’s especially true because these mounts are super strong. The adhesive is made by 3M, some of the strongest out there and waterproof, so it’ll stay in place for a long time. The mounts are compatible with pretty much all GoPro Hero models.


  • Great value
  • Multiple flat and curved mounts
  • Stable, waterproof adhesive


  • No adjustability

Surewo Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap Mount

If you don’t like the adhesive versions, try a chin strap mount like Surewo’s. The main advantage is that you can take it on and off, so you only have to deal with it when using the GoPro.

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Where the Surewo mount really beats out other chin strap mounts is comfort. Thanks to the elastic straps and focus on rounded corners, the part of the mount inside your helmet doesn’t rub against or bother the skin. It’s safer, too.

Lastly, I like the stable but versatile double-headed mount that lets you adjust the angle. I ride a lot of hills, so being able to point my GoPro higher up or lower down allows me to capture more of the landscape. If you’re a motocross rider or off-roader, it also lets you get the details of the trail.


  • Strap design is removable
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable vertical angle


  • May interfere with helmet parts like face shield

Motorcycle Handlebar GoPro Mounts Reviewed

Biaoniu Camera Motorcycle Mount

If you prefer a handlebar mount over a helmet mount, I suggest the Biaoniu mount.

In addition to being a great value, it’s designed specifically for motorcycles and has a full-loop clamp that screws in with nuts and is therefore steady even at high speeds.

The film of the clamp is non-slip, which helps to eliminate the shakiness of your video. 

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The arm, made of aluminum alloy, is lightweight but long enough that it extends out of your motorcycle controls so you can adjust your GoPro as needed.

It’s also rotatable 360 degrees. I use my GoPro for landscapes, so I like to adjust the camera depending on my orientation on the road. You can also change the vertical angle for a more comfortable setup with your bike or a better view of the roadway or track.

The top of the mount has a ¼-inch screw that works not only with GoPros but other cameras you might want to use. Though the length of the mount can make accessing the nuts a little more difficult, Biaoniu includes a metal spanner to make installation as easy as possible.


  • Designed for motorcycles
  • Long but lightweight arm
  • Rotatable and adjustable
  • Metal spanner included


  • Tight fit can mean difficult installation

Official GoPro Handlebar Mount

Like with the helmet mount, going with GoPro’s official handlebar mount is always a smart choice, mainly because of the effortless compatibility with the Hero line. Plus, with the name brand behind it, it’s a durable product that can hold up under frequent rides.

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The mounting clamp attaches with a twist knob, which is super easy to take on and off in just a minute or two. The mount, in general, is small as well, so it doesn’t get in the way.

That said, this didn’t get the top spot because the twist knob can be a bit awkward to fit in with all your controls, potentially preventing you from recording at certain angles. Similarly, the small size can make it difficult to access the GoPro if other controls get in the way.

However, the GoPro mount does have full 360-degree rotation. The unique feature, though, is the 16 secure positions. This lets you position the GoPro to get the perfect angle for recording the landscape, trail, whatever, but still keeps the camera stable so that it doesn’t vibrate or shake out of position.


  • Tough, quality construction
  • Installation is a breeze
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 16 secure positions


  • Twist knob can be awkward depending on setup

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

The GoPro Jaws isn’t for everyone, but I had to include it because it can make group touring a lot of fun.


It’s so easy to take on and off that you can pass the GoPro around and see who gets the coolest shots—or goofiest. Back home, you can all watch how you look riding, which is always good for a laugh.

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The Jaws attaches to your handlebars using a spring-loaded clamp. This is convenient but not as sturdy as other models. As a result, I’d recommend it for tourers with big, stable bikes, not off-roaders.

As for the mount itself, it’s the GoPro brand, so it’s high quality and long-lasting. It even comes with an optional flex arm that you can use to twist and turn the camera to whatever angle you want. Again, this allows you can get creative and have a lot of fun with friends and family.


  • Fast and convenient installation
  • Durable, quality construction
  • Optional flex arm


  • Not as stable

Buyer’s Guide

Helmet Mounts vs Handlebar Mounts

You have two good options for mounting your GoPro. One is to attach it right to your helmet. The other is to clamp it to your handlebars. Both work, but each has its pros and cons.

Helmet Mounts

GoPro Mount - Featured Image


  • Record what you see
  • Natural repositioning with head movements
  • Doesn’t interfere with motorcycle controls


  • Can be awkward or uncomfortable for your head
  • Unstable, unfixed recording

Handlebar Mounts


  • Record one angle consistently
  • Stable, less movement and vibration
  • No comfort issues


  • Less flexible
  • May get in the way of motorcycle controls

As you can see, the main draw of a helmet mount is that it moves with your head and records what you see.

If you’re an off-roader or motocross rider and want to get your trail and its surrounding, as well as the drama of the ride, a helmet mount is probably a better choice.

On the other hand, if you’re touring or cruising and want to capture a specific angle like the landscape to your right, a handlebar mount can help you do that.

Adhesives and Clamps

While handlebar mounts connect to your motorcycle almost exclusively with clamps, helmet mounts have varying ways of attaching. The most common is with adhesives. Basically, you stick the mount on your helmet with strong glue.

Adhesive mounts are great because they’re stable, but they’re, well, permanent. If you have commitment issues like me, that’s scary. Only get adhesive mounts if you know you’re going to use your GoPro a lot.

Additionally, verify that the adhesive base will work with your helmet. Many come curved so you can find a place to attach them, but they may still not have the right shape for all helmets.

Other helmet mounts attach with straps or clamps. These are nice because you can take them on and off, making them good for the occasional GoPro user. However, they usually weigh more, which can put awkward pressure on your neck. Plus, if the straps or clamps enter into the helmet, they could be uncomfortable.


Luckily, GoPro has been pretty consistent with their cameras. All of the models in the Hero line have threading for a standard camera 1/4-20 mount.

In other words, a mount made for the Hero 10 will also work for the 9 and 8. Just make sure it has that sized screw or otherwise says it’s compatible with your GoPro model.

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If you’re using an action camera that isn’t a GoPro, pay closer attention. Check to see what size attachment your model has and if it matches that of the mount.


Whether you’re getting a helmet or handlebar mount, adjustability is always a plus. This could come in the form of a ball attachment that allows for rotation or a flexible arm that you can bend to the angle you want.

Similarly, see how adjustable the clamp itself is. An easy-to-adjust clamp with too many nuts and bolts is a big plus because you could potentially change its orientation in the middle of a long ride.

Final Thoughts

Mounting a GoPro to your helmet or handlebars is a fun way to save the memories of your best rides and motorcycle experiences.

If you prefer a helmet mount, you can’t go wrong with the Official GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount. For those tourers who want a stable handlebar mount, I suggest the Biaoniu Camera Motorcycle Mount.