Honda Grom Custom: 10 Examples to Make You Drool



The Grom has taken the crown as Honda’s most customizable bike. It might just be the most customizable bike in general.

As a result, since Honda came out with it in 2014, people have sought to customize their Groms in the most creative and striking ways possible.

These are 10 of my favorites.


I can’t be the only one who saw this Grom and immediately thought of Batman. The black finish and yellow rims would send the Joker running, but even if you’re not a fan of the Dark Knight, the contrast is eye-catching.

ComposiMo built this for the SEMA show in Las Vegas in 2014 in partnership with Brocks Performance, MNNTHBX, Woodcraft Racing, and MAD Industries, who did the paint and upholstery. 

I really like the LED bar lighting choice that can rotate for high and low beams. This matches the futuristic comic book aesthetic.

They lowered this Grom about six inches, which is why it looks so stealthy.

My favorite customization is probably the Woodcraft Racing rear set, though. It gives the impression of quiet power without excess.


I’m not sure who this guy is, but I love what he’s done with his Grom.

He’s matched it seamlessly with a beautiful Toyota Tacoma truck for off-roading in style, complementing the aftermarket tires he’s added.

The LED headlamp is a good choice, clearly capable of piercing through rain or fog, and the custom grom exhaust is lifted out of the way of the mud—a great Grom adaptation for adventure sports and stylish too.

Holographic Hammer

I found this custom Grom from Holographic Hammer interesting because while it’s clearly a dirt bike build, they finished it so nicely that I don’t know if I’d want to get it dirty.

Aside from the racing paint job, I think the elevated exhaust was a good choice. It is better protected there above the rear wheel, but it should also help with balance as well.


This custom build from KDSHOP has convinced me that Groms look great stretched. The rear set is designed to add serious power, and I’d love to know how fast this Grom can go. 

KDSHOP added custom rear suspension and an extensive undercarriage that helps take advantage of the full-stretched design. I like the blue and gold finish.

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Biker Girl Thailand

Here’s another stretched Grom with that Asian aesthetic we all love. Besides the bubbly design, my favorite part of this build is the rear footrest designed for a full-tuck racing position. Get low on the winding Thai mountain roads.

Dual Exhaust

This custom Grom was featured on, its most impressive feature being the aftermarket dual exhaust.

It sounds great, looks great, and gives a nice boost to an already hyperactive engine. The Duo frame and the front fork are nice touches, giving this Grom a built-up, savvy design.

Masayuki Otsu

The paint job on this Grom is the first thing that catches the eye. Somehow it manages to be striking and artistic without looking overdone. The leather seat still looks stylish and timeless, something reinforced by the black finish on the motor.

I also personally like the stretch on this build. It’s not over the top, but it still provides some extra power along with the aftermarket exhaust.

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Tuantiam Phuket

At first glance, I thought this build was a bit goofy, but it quickly grew on me. Stretched and lowered, it takes customization to the extreme with seemingly every aftermarket part you can get for the Grom. 

Personally, I like the gold finish and the LED light bars. You won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure.

The Green Machine

This is a more minimalist build, which you can see in the paint job and the aftermarket customizations. It’s mildly stretched, and the handlebars have been lowered for that sleek Tron look.

The most unique customization is probably the undercarriage protection, which is really low to the ground. It gives the Grom a much different profile.

Paint Is Dead

This Grom is minimalist too, but what I love most about it is the army green paint job. The exhaust is elevated, and the handlebars raised.

Notice the gold finish on the clutch and brake levers, and the front fork. I’m also a fan of the textured seat. Altogether, this would be a comfortable Grom.