Honda Grom Top Speed: All Models 2014 – 2022



With an advertised top speed of 58.4 mph, the 2022 model is the fastest Honda Grom yet.

In fact, it beats out the 2020 model by almost 5 mph. Of course, this is just the officially rated speed. The actual top speed of your Honda Grom depends on a number of internal and external factors.

How Does the 2022 Honda Grom Compare to Past Models?

There’s a lot of varying information out there on the Honda Grom’s top speed.

Aside from the officially declared top speed, a lot of enthusiasts in articles and on forums claim to have gotten higher speeds with different model years.

Here’s what I’ve been able to find.

Why Is the 2022 Honda Grom Faster?

The Honda Grom is faster than previous models due to a few factors:

  • It weighs a couple pounds less than the 2020 model, thanks to lighter wheels.
  • It has a new rear sprocket
  • It has five-speed transmission instead of the four-speed on previous models.

What Factors Affect Honda Grom Top Speed?

grom front view


The Honda Grom is an aerodynamic motorcycle, but it’s still subject to a certain amount of wind resistance.

If the wind is against you, you may not even be able to reach the rated 59 mph. On the other hand, a strong wind at your back can push you over the standard top speed. 

Many Grom riders try to get higher speeds out of their bikes through dangerous riding strategies.

These include fully tucking their bodies on the bike and drafting behind other vehicles. While these aren’t recommended as they increase your chances of an accident, they can increase the top speed of the motorcycle.


You’ll most likely get the highest speeds out of your Honda Grom when riding downhill. Conversely, riding uphill will limit the speeds you can get with severe grades dropping your max speed below 50 mph.


The same motor can move lower weight at higher speeds than otherwise. This includes the weight of the rider. 

The official weight limit of the 2022 Honda Grom is 309 lbs or 140 kg. The closer you get to this limit, the slower the bike will go. This could be because of your own size or the addition of a passenger or luggage.

On the flipside, some Grom riders modify their bikes to remove weight. They remove certain parts or replace them with lighter-weight options.

This is definitely a good way to get more speed out of your Grom. Just make sure the modified parts are legal and high-quality and don’t remove anything necessary for the safe operation of the bike. 

Mods and Specs

It’s not just external factors. The parts and specs of the Grom itself will make a big difference in the top speed you can get out of it.

These parts include the fuel injectors, air intake, and exhaust system. Adding improved after-market parts can increase your top speed, while failing to properly maintain them can decrease it.  

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