Honda Grom: What Is The Weight Limit?



The official weight limit of the 2022 Honda Grom is 309 lbs or 140 kg. According to the 2022 owner’s manual, this gives it capacity for two people, a rider and one passenger.

Of course, this is just the simple answer. There are more details you should keep in mind regarding the Honda Grom weight limit, especially if you plan to ride with luggage or a second passenger or if you’re a particularly large person.

Old vs New Honda Grom Weight Limit

Honda Grom 2020

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details of the weight limit, I do want to point out a strange thing about the Grom. The newer models have a different weight limit than past models. 

Specifically, Honda has manufactured the Grom since 2014, and when it first came out, it had a 340-lb (154-kg) weight limit. However, in the newer models like 2020, 2021, and most recent 2022, that decreased slightly to 309 lbs.

This won’t make much difference for most people, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re near the limit.

Riding With Luggage

Bike-mounted luggage changes the center of gravity of your motorcycle and, therefore, its handling and balance. This is doubly true on a small, lightweight bike like the Honda Grom.

The 2022 manual doesn’t mention a luggage weight limit, but past models had a specified luggage limit of 7 lbs (3 kg). This may seem low, but it’s because the Grom can so easily be put off balance.

Even if you’re well under the weight limit otherwise, don’t add too much luggage to the Grom. You should keep this in mind with tail bags or top boxes attached via a rear luggage rack.

Because these ride high on the bike, they raise your center of gravity and make the Grom difficult to handle if you overload it.

With saddlebags, you could add a little more weight. However, you’re unlikely to get a lot of luggage into Grom saddlebags because the bike is so small. 

Riding With a Passenger

As I said, the Grom is rated for two people, but this doesn’t necessarily mean two Alabama offensive linesmen could hop on it. It’s still best that you stay under the 309-lb total weight limit. That means two people who weigh 155 lbs.

Many people who ride the Grom in pairs are couples, with the heavier person up front and the lighter person behind. This is facilitated by the convenient pillion that comes on the Grom. 

Regardless of whether you’re a couple or not, it’s best, if you can, to put the lighter rider on the rear pillion. That’s because the Grom handles and accelerates better with the weight on the front wheel. 

Big and Tall Riders

As a small bike, the Grom can be intimidating for us big and tall guys, but don’t worry. With a 309-lb limit, you shouldn’t have a problem even if you have a spare tire—or two—around the middle.

The problem for bigger guys isn’t the weight itself, but how it is carried. The Grom handles best when weighted to the front, usually a frontward-leaning rider position. This is harder for both taller and larger people.

How Weight Affects the Honda Grom  

Many people are worried that higher weights will affect the Grom’s top speed, which is around 60 mph. This isn’t really the case. More likely, adding weight to the Grom will affect how fast it can accelerate. Pushing the 309-lb weight limit might make acceleration slower and choppier.

Along with the effect on acceleration comes decreased fuel efficiency. Normally, the Grom gets about 134 mpg, one of its claims to fame, but adding too much weight could cut this down significantly.

Finally, it’s worth paying attention to handling. The Grom has great suspension, but even so, too much weight could bog it down.

Whether you’re riding with luggage or an extra passenger, or you’re just a big rider, try to make sure the weight is well distributed and as forward-loaded as possible. This will make your rides more comfortable, more balanced, and safer.

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