5 Of The Best Motorcycle Blow Dryers (aka Air Blowers)



How often have you spent an afternoon washing your bike only to have it dry with streaks and spots even though you used a towel?

For a truly spotless finish, I’ve found you have to use a motorcycle blow dryer, also called an air blower. These are my five favorites.

Best Overall
Metro Vacuum B3-CD Air Force Blaster Metro Vacuum B3-CD Air Force Blaster

Fast drying in a tough package

With better air speeds than competitors and an all-steel frame, this blow dryer saves you time and limits spots and streaks.

Best for Professionals
Chemical Guys MB-3CD Metro MasterBlaster Chemical Guys MB-3CD Metro MasterBlaster

Power and strength for motorcycle experts

This blow dryer can dry bike after bike without skipping a beat, thanks to one of the most powerful motors on the market.

Best Motorcycle Blow Dryers Reviewed

Metro Vacuum B3-CD Air Force Blaster

Metro Vacuum has so many different models of air dryers it was hard to narrow it down. However, I love the B3-CD; it’s my favorite overall because of its high power and motorcycle-specific design. 

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Despite a price point not much higher than considerably weaker models, it pumps out air at nearly 500 fps. That means even fewer streaks and spots and a short drying period of just 5-7 minutes for a motorcycle.

I do wish the hose were a bit longer, but its 10 feet are still enough to work your way around a motorcycle. Plus, it comes with wheels, so you can move it around to various necessary angles.

Other great features include the five nozzles that allow you to get a deeper dry down into all the parts of your bike and the filter that keeps the powerful motor from blowing dust and grime onto your paint job.

I also found the B3-CD generally sturdier than other models, thanks to its all-steel construction. It will likely last longer, especially if you use it frequently.


  • 500 fps air speed
  • Quick drying
  • Wheels
  • 5 nozzles
  • Filter
  • Durable construction


  • Moderate hose length  

Chemical Guys Metro MasterBlaster

Here’s another Metro Vacuum product, the MB-3CD MasterBlaster. It has insane power with an eight-horsepower motor that pumps air at nearly 1,000 fps. That’s great for drying off your bike at home, of course, but it also makes it an excellent choice for professional shops.

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Even if that speed seems overkill for some situations, it is adjustable since you can turn on each of the two motors separately. This, in addition to the five nozzle options, makes it versatile, again ideal for professional use.

Like the B3-CD, I was surprised that the MasterBlaster didn’t have a longer hose and cord, given the price range, but 10 feet and 12 feet, respectively, aren’t too short. Plus, thanks to the wheeled base, you can get the maximum out of these 22 total feet.


  • 1,000 fps
  • 75% shorter drying times
  • 5 nozzle options
  • Wheels
  • Filter
  • Durable steel design


  • Moderate hose length

Shernbao High-Velocity Car & Motorcycle Dryer Blower

Aside from the four color options, the main draw of this Shernbao blow dryer is its value price. While affordable for most budgets, it still has the features necessary for most people to dry their motorcycles and get a sleek finish without spots.

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Most notably, it has six different nozzle options for the retractable hose. These allow you to quickly dry over your motorcycle’s large surfaces but still use a more focused nozzle for tight spaces. In fact, you can even use the brush nozzle to remove dust particles.

The power is a bit lower with a max air volume of 100 cfm and wind speed of around 67 fps, and the retractable hose only reaches about eight feet. However, while that might be a problem for large cars, drying a motorcycle should be less of an issue.

Lastly, the Shernbao dryer is highly portable. Although it doesn’t come with wheels like other models, it does have a carrying strap and is lightweight, so you can walk around your bike and dry it from every angle.


  • Great value
  • 6 nozzles
  • Carrying strap
  • Lightweight
  • 12-month warranty


  • Short hose
  • Low power
  • No wheels 

Shelandy Powerful Motorcycle & Car Dryer

You should look at the Shelandy motorcycle dryer if you keep your motorcycle in an inaccessible place like a shared garage or on the street. Or if you also plan to use it on your car. 

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First and foremost, this is because it has a 14-foot expandable hose along with a 16-foot power cord. In other words, you can probably still dry your bike even if you have to plug it in on the other side of the garage.

Similarly, it has wheels, though the only way to hold it is with a handle. However, you can mount it on the wall for easy access.

I wish this model had more nozzle options that could get into the crooks and crannies of a bike, but the power is good, especially considering the price. The maximum airflow is around 200 fps, but you can adjust it along with the heat to get a more precise dry that doesn’t leave spots.


  • 14-ft hose
  • 16-foot power cord
  • Wheels
  • Wall mounting
  • 12-month warranty


  • No carrying strap
  • Few nozzle options 

Adam’s Air Cannon Jr.

More than just a cool name, the Air Cannon Jr. is a versatile dryer that you can use on various parts of your motorcycle and your car, truck, or other vehicles.

It has a super long 16.5-foot hose that’s retractable, so you can more easily store it. Plus, it has multiple tips for wide drying or precise drying in specific cracks and adjustable speeds.

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In addition to the higher air speed of over 100 fps, the filtered design sets this dryer apart. Since the filter clears any dust particles out of the air, it’s safer for your paint job and less likely to cause scratches. If you have a custom paint job or just really care about your bike’s shiny finish, you need a dryer like this.

Finally, though it doesn’t have a carrying strap, the Air Cannon Jr. does come with a carrying handle and wheels so that drying goes a lot faster. That isn’t just good because it saves you time. It provides a spotless finish.


  • 16.5-ft hose
  • 15-ft cord
  • Adjustable speed and heat
  • Filtered air
  • Wheels
  • 12-month warranty


  • No carrying strap 

Buyer’s Guide

Considerations and Cost

Air Speed

Airspeed is what varies the most on motorcycle blow dryers. It can range from under 100 feet per second, or fps, to nearly 1,000, though you might have to do some math since different manufacturers use miles per hour, feet per hour, meters per second, etc. (Don’t worry, I did this math for you in the reviews.)

Airspeed is vital because faster air speed blows the water off your bike’s surface much quicker, making it less likely to leave spots or streaks. Plus, it cuts down the amount of time you have to spend.

Some budget models with low air speeds add heat to improve drying time. This helps, but you just have to be careful not to use heat on sensitive parts of your motorcycle, like wiring or delicate fabrics. 

Hose and Cord Lengths

Most motorcycle blow dryers have expandable hoses that you can adjust between various lengths. A longer max length is usually better because you can more easily work the dryer around the entire bike.

A long cord is similarly beneficial. Plus, it lets you more easily plug it in in case your motorcycle is stored somewhere without a nearby outlet.


The best motorcycle air dryers usually have adjustable air speeds and temperatures. This allows you to apply lower settings to more sensitive areas of a motorcycle, like wiring, cooling fins, etc.

Nozzles and Attachments

A range of included nozzles is a great bonus, allowing for more precise drying. For example, a wide nozzle might be best for the large surfaces of the gas tank, but you’ll want a smaller nozzle to get air between the cooling fins or in other cracks and crevices to blow all the water off.


You want to be able to move your blow dryer around while you’re using it so that you can quickly get to every side of the motorcycle. Many manufacturers accomplish this with wheels or handles, but a carrying strap is a great option, too, as long as the dryer is lightweight.


Filters prevent dust and debris from entering the airflow out of the nozzle. This doesn’t just help prevent your bike from getting dirty. It also helps keep flying dust particles from scratching up your paint job.

Final Thoughts

To get that head-turning, streak-free finish on your motorcycle, you need a motorcycle blow dryer. I recommend the Metro Vacuum B3-CD Air Force Blaster for at-home use or the Chemical Guys MB-3CD Metro MasterBlaster for professional use.