Best Motorcycle Helmet Bag: Protect Your Lid



As a regular commuter, I know how important organizing your luggage is.

A good helmet bag is especially important to me because not only do I want something that will keep my helmet dry and scratch-free, but also something that can easily work with the rest of my luggage.

That’s exactly what I decided to look for when making this list.

Here are my five favorite helmet bags on the market today.

Best Helmet Bag
Raider BCS-8B Helmet Bag Raider BCS-8B Helmet Bag

Space, Protection, Value

The fleece liner and large size will protect nearly any helmet.

Best Overall
Seibertron Helmet Bag Seibertron Helmet Bag

Excellent Value, Good Quality, Large Capacity

A great value, huge capacity backpack that will hold your full-size helmet securely.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags Reviewed

Raider BCS-8B Deluxe Helmet Bag

If you’re just looking for a convenient bag to stuff your helmet in without any fancy extras driving up the price, this is my recommendation.

It’s a barebone bag with two handles for carrying and a two-way zipper that will close around most sizes of helmets.

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Along with the great price, you also get a quality design. The outer material is tear-resistant nylon, so it’ll stand up to your clumsiness while you’re carrying it around.

Even better, the inside is a soft 400D polyester fleece that serves the following purposes: one, it cushions your helmet and protects it from damage; two, it’s soft so that it won’t scratch your helmet’s paint; and three, it can keep your helmet warm and therefore more comfortable to put on.

One extra feature to mention is the bottom slot for D-ring attachments. This gives you a lot of flexibility in attaching it to your motorcycle, backpack, or another piece of motorcycle luggage. This could be ideal for carrying a spare helmet with you on your bike or just carrying your helmet around town more conveniently.


  • Great value
  • Large size fits most helmets
  • Tough nylon outer layer
  • Soft fleece inner lining
  • Slot for D-ring attachments


  • No side pockets or extra features
  • Size can be too big for small helmets

Seibertron Waterproof MOLLE Backpack With Helmet Holder

If you’re like me, your backpack might as well be sewn into your skin. My backpack is my favorite piece of luggage, and I build the rest of my setup around it. That’s why a backpack with a combined helmet holder is ideal.

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My favorite is the Seibertron backpack. Specifically, I love how inexpensive it is for a full-size backpack. It has two large pockets and a small pouch all on top of the helmet holder, which is perfect for taking your lunch, work papers, school books, or whatever else you need for commuting, though I wish it had a dedicated laptop pocket.

I’m also a big fan of the MOLLE design, which, besides looking cool, provides a lot of flexibility for attaching other accessories. The fabric is as tough as its military look.

The bag is water-resistant, but it still might leak through the zipper in torrential downpours.


  • Great value for full-size backpack
  • Space for commuting items
  • MOLLE design
  • Waterproof 900D fabric


  • No dedicated laptop pocket
  • Zipper leaks water

JFG Racing Dual-Use Helmet Tail Bag

If you like the convenience of a tail bag but need something to hold your helmet as well, this helmet bag from JFG Racing is the one for you. It’s designed to attach as a tail bag if you need to carry an extra helmet and works as a backpack or handbag for an easy way to take your helmet with you indoors.

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To add to its versatility, JFG Racing designed its bag with plenty of space and an expandable bottom section so you can store more than just your helmet. Attaching it to your bike is easy, too, thanks to the flexible buck straps.

The main thing to keep in mind with this bag is its shell. It’s a somewhat rigid shell that could be inconvenient if you have to walk long distances with it.

However, it’s great for protecting what’s inside, especially if you’re storing your helmet for long periods at the office.

The material itself is PU leather, which is water-resistant but not waterproof. It does have a rain cover just in case, though.


  • Functions as tail bag, backpack or handbag
  • Expandable bottom section for more space
  • Flexible buckle straps for attachment
  • Hard PU leather shell


  • Not waterproof
  • Zipper can come off track

RaceQuip Fleece-Lined Helmet Bag

This RaceQuip bag is another basic helmet handbag, but it has a few extra features and a higher price tag.

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My favorite feature is the extra pocket. This is made of the same tough nylon as the rest of the bag and closes with velcro. This way, you can carry your helmet and your keys, wallet, phone, etc.

The inner lining is a soft fleece that protects and prevents scratches. The main pocket closes with two quality zippers and is big enough to fit most helmets. In fact, it even has a little slot to put your helmet lock cable.


  • Extra velcro pocket for small items
  • Tough nylon fabric
  • Soft fleece inner lining
  • Slot for helmet lock cable


  • Higher price for basic bag
  • No attachment features

OGIO Head Case Helmet Bag

OGIO is one of my favorite luggage brands, and I had to include this case on my list. I still have OGIO backpacks from my high school days 15 years ago and can testify that these bags are high quality and built to last. Now, you do have to pay for this top-shelf quality, but here’s what you get:

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Most significantly, the Head Case bag is designed with iFOM paneling that provides outer foam protection on top of a fleece lining to prevent scratches. The zipper is great, too, and stays on track for easy opening and closing. The bottom is also reinforced in case you drop it or just for long-term storage.

Extra features include an external sleeve for goggles or other delicate items and a side pocket for your phone, keys, wallet, whatever. The bag is large-sized and should fit the majority of helmets. 

If you’ve got an expensive helmet, consider keeping it safe with this high-end bag from a trusted brand.  


  • Durable iFOM design and construction
  • Reinforced bottom for extra protection
  • External sleeve for goggles
  • Extra side pocket for accessories


  • High price

Buyer’s Guide

The first thing you need to decide when buying a helmet bag is what kind of bag you want.

Type of Bag

At the most basic, you can get a simple handbag whose only purpose is carrying your helmet. They may occasionally have side pockets and attachment features, but overall, they’re just for your helmet.

These are great for long-term storage or carrying your helmet indoors after riding but not much else. Being dedicated to helmet storage, they can be very protective, though, and often have fleece liners that prevent anything from scratching the paint or visor.

Other bags usually combine helmet storage with other uses. For instance, full backpacks may have a helmet holder on top of space for all the other items you need for commuting. On the other hand, tail bags may have space for an extra helmet and other spare items you need while riding.

Consider your situation when choosing the type of bag.

Inner Lining

Helmets, especially their visors and eye guards, can be subject to scratches. This can be annoying and even dangerous if it impairs your vision. Most bags prevent this with a fleece liner or something similarly soft. Look for this feature if you can.


Waterproofing can be a great feature if you live in a wet area. You just have to keep in mind what “waterproof” really means. 

Often, a bag’s material may be waterproof, but water can still enter through the zipper if it’s really pouring. Similarly, a bag may be advertised as water-resistant but may not truly be waterproof. In this case, you need a cover in case of really heavy rain.

Final Thoughts

A helmet bag is a convenient way to carry your helmet with you or keep it safe while in storage.

For a basic helmet bag, I recommend the Raider BCS-8B. You may, however, want something that holds your helmet as well as carrying other items. In this case, go with the Seibertron backpack with an attached helmet holder.