Best Motorcycle Phone Mount With Wireless Charger


Motorcycle phone mounts have become a ‘must-have’ item for riders, as the convenience of having access to your phone for answering calls or GPS is pretty awesome. 

The only issue is that phone batteries are notoriously rubbish, meaning you must carry a battery pack or fit a USB charging port and wire it up to your bike’s battery.

Well, some manufacturers have started to produce phone mounts with a built-in wireless charger, making the problem of keeping your phone topped up obsolete. 

Here are our top phone mounts with wireless chargers.

Best Overall
iMESTOU Waterproof Phone Holder iMESTOU Waterproof Phone Holder

Secure, Solid, Easy to Use

A secure phone mount with a 15W wireless charger that is easy to use at a great price.

Best Runner-Up
Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount

Solid, Easy to Use, Good Value

Another quality mount with a 15W wireless charger that can be mounted on your bars or mirror stem.

iMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Holder

This phone mount is an excellent bit of kit that fits a phone from 3.5 to 6.8 inches. 

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You get two mounting options to fit the mount to your handlebars or rearview mirror stem. The mount is on a 360-degree rotating ball, so you can rotate it to suit the conditions for maximum visibility. 

It has an easy mounting locking system for your phone where you place the phone on the mount, which pushes on a central button which causes the bracket to compress and hold the phone in place securely. 

Removing the phone is simply pressing two buttons on either side of the mount.

The wireless charger has an 8mm sensor, so even phones with cases can be charged wirelessly. 

You can also charge via USB at the bottom of the mount, offering a quick charge mode.


  • 15W wireless charging
  • USB charging option and quick charge
  • Mechanical, secure locking system
  • Easy operation
  • Adjustable and waterproof


  • Doesn’t include instructions
  • Mostly plastic construction

Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount with Wireless Charger

The Leepiya mount is another good option that offers 15W wireless charging and the option to charge via USB if needed. 

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It holds phones from 4 inches to 7 inches in size and has rubber covers on the claws to securely hold your phone in place and protect it from scratches. 

The mount is easy to use, similar to the iMESTOU in that a central button gets pressed when the phone is put in place and the bracket clamps down. 

Designed to go on handlebars or mirror stem with an adapter for each option in the box, the mount will struggle to fit larger handlebars (1.3″ plus).

Some owners have noted the phone vibrates when mounted, but it is still secure in place, so maybe this mount is best suited for cruisers on smooth terrain as opposed to riders who are a little more adventurous with their riding. 


  • 15W wireless charging
  • USB charging option
  • Secure mounting 
  • Waterproof


  • Struggles to fit on super wide handlebars
  • Some phone vibration when mounted despite still being very secure

iMESTOU Phone Holder and Charger 

This is another mount from iMESTOU, which comes in two sizes, S and L, so be sure to select the right one relative to the size of your phone. 

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The wireless charger can either be wired to your motorcycle battery or powered off a battery pack via a USB or run from a USB plugged into a USB charging port already fitted on your motorcycle. 

Your phone sits inside a waterproof case which is then mounted onto the aluminum handlebar mount, which has some adjustability so you can view the screen easily. 

Along with a wireless charger for your phone, you can also use a USB C to connect to the inbuilt port to power another device, such as a GoPro. 


  • Aluminum base and mount
  • Waterproof
  • Different wiring options
  • Phone sits inside its own case


  • Not as easy to mount phone as other options

GUIAMI Motorcycle Phone Mount with 2 in 1 Charger

The GUIAMI mount best suits adventure bikes and targets the BMW GS line and Honda Africa Twin. It is designed to sit behind the windshield in the cockpit with the phone mounted horizontally. 

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It is ready for rugged adventures and features a spring lock design to hold your phone in place even when tackling bumpy dirt roads. 

It will fit most phones between 3.5 and 6.5 inches and has an 8mm wireless sensor to allow for charging even when the phone is in a case. 


  • Tailored to Adventure bikes
  • Wireless and USB charging
  • Secure for difficult riding terrain


  • Not universally compatible with all motorcycles

RAM Mounts Quick-Grip Holder with Wireless Charging

The quick-grip holder from RAM has a built-in wireless charger to keep your phone secure and charged when you are on the move. 

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For the wireless charger to work, you need to plug a USB adapter into your bike to give the unit power.

RAM mounts are very secure and of excellent quality, but they come at a price. 

The biggest issue is that once you have bought the holder, you then need to purchase additional equipment to mount it, including socket arms and bar mounts. 

These are motorcycle specific, so you get a very secure fit, but it becomes quite costly. 


  • Quality, tried and tested holder and mounts
  • Motorcycle-specific mounts (bought separately)


  • Pricey
  • Need additional socket arms and bar mounts to mount the holder

Buyers Guide

Considerations and cost

There are just a few simple things to think about when buying a phone mount with a built-in wireless charger. 

Here are our top tips:

Secure mounting 

Most cell phones these days are expensive; they function like mini laptops that we can carry in our pocket, so you want a mount that will securely hold your phone. 

On a motorcycle, engine vibrations, bumps in the road, and twists and turns are regular encounters, so you need a mount that can stand up against these knocks without falling off or dropping your phone. 

Check the mount when fitted on your bike with your phone in place; make sure it stays put, feels solid, and isn’t loose. 

Ease of use

Getting ready to ride your bike can be hard enough. With getting all your gear on, gloves, helmet, etc., the last thing you want is a fiddly phone mount when all you want to do is start the engine and roll. 

Look for mounts that don’t require too much fuss when securing your phone, are easy to lock it in, and take it off again when you arrive at your stop.

Correct fit for size of phone

Check that the mount is the right size for your phone and if you use a case, make sure you account for that when looking at the mount for the right fit. 

If looking at a mount that claims to be a universal fit, be aware that it might have some flaws regarding small phones or extra large ones. 

A small phone in a universal mount might not fit as snug as you would like and so not be super secure; as for extra large phones, the mount might just fit, and you run the risk of stretching it out too far and breaking it. 

Pay attention to the size guides, and you should be good to go. 

Charging speed

I had a wireless charger for my Samsung phone, and when it was just sitting there doing nothing, it charged absolutely fine. The problem came when I tried to do anything with my phone, like play music or stream a video to my TV.

The charger wasn’t putting out enough power for me to be able to use the phone at the same time.

All you need to check is the wattage that your phone can charge at and that your selected mount with charger puts out enough wattage to keep your phone charging and to run something like GPS at the same time. 

A 15W charger is generally considered the best as it can fast charge phones up to 15W; most phones, however, only charge at lower wattage anyway, like 7.5W (Apple) or 9W (Samsung).

A 15W charger, therefore, is more than capable of keeping juice in your battery and powering your apps on the go. 


There you have it, a list of some of the best phone mounts with wireless chargers, with some tips to make sure you find the right one for you.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the iMESTOU mount. It is secure, robust, offers wireless and USB charging, and the 360-degree rotation means you can angle it just right. 

The Leepiya is another great choice and comes in a little cheaper with similar features.