Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses For Comfort and Protection



If you haven’t come home from a long ride with dry eyes, or worse, almost had an accident due to the glare of the sun, you probably haven’t been riding very long.

I solved those problems with a good pair of motorcycle riding glasses, and you can too.

These are five I’ve found that can protect your eyes and make your rides safer and more comfortable.

Best Overall
WYND Blocker Motorcycle Glasses WYND Blocker Motorcycle Glasses

Great value eye protection

With impact-resistant construction and included accessories, you get more bang for your buck.

Best Value Pack
Surpassme 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses Surpassme 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Mix and match three different pairs

If you ride with a group or want three different lenses for yourself, why not buy them all together?

The Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses Reviewed

WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Since I usually use a full-face helmet, I only use glasses when the heat makes it necessary to lift up the chin guard or use my backup open-face helmet.

In this case, my go-to is the WYND pair of riding glasses because I consider them the best value.

They have a better and more durable impact-resistant construction than cheaper models without getting too expensive for a piece of gear I don’t use daily.

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I do want to mention that the fit is a little specific. If you have a wide head or nose, they may be uncomfortable, and the foam may not seal enough to prevent fogging.

Otherwise, these are effective and safe. They block UV rays, and you can choose between clear or smoke lenses, as well as yellow lenses for protecting against headlights if you ride a lot at night. They even include a backstrap and carrying case.


  • Great value
  • Impact-resistant construction
  • UV protection
  • 3 lens options
  • Included backstrap
  • Microfiber carrying case


  • Tight fit
  • Lenses can fog

Surpassme 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Obviously, this is a budget model of riding glasses, but hey, who can pass up three pairs for a lower price than most single pairs? For starters, if you ride with friends this is great since you’ll have a pair handy for everyone. 

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On top of that, you also have the convenient option of getting three glasses with different lens types so that you don’t have to waste time changing out lenses. Your options are clear, smoke, pink and yellow. These lenses provide UV protection and are anti-glare.

Naturally, these glasses don’t have the highest-quality construction, and the foam padding doesn’t create a perfect seal, which can mean fogging.

That said, the foam is soft which combines with the lightweight frames for extra comfort. If you just need glasses for short rides and aren’t looking for the top-of-the-shelf model, these can save you time and money.


  • 3 pair
  • 4 lens options
  • UV protection
  • Anti-glare
  • Comfortable lightweight design


  • Flimsy construction
  • Foam padding doesn’t seal perfectly

Belinous Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses

The main draw of these glasses is that they’re polarized. This is a special lens design that uses chemical treatment to prevent light from passing through the lens. This makes them better at preventing glare while keeping your vision clear and safe.

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The construction is a bit flimsy in my opinion, especially at the hinge. Additionally, the four included lenses are difficult to change out. That said, for the price range, these are surprisingly comfortable.

If you do get the hang of changing out the lenses, note that only the smoke-colored lenses are polarized. Still, it’s nice to have the other clear, yellow and copper options. This gives you versatility and flexibility for any situation.


  • Polarized smoke lenses
  • UV protection
  • 4 interchangeable lenses
  • Comfortable fit
  • Included strap


  • Flimsy hinges
  • Difficult to change lenses

Bea-Cool Polarized Sports Sunglasses

If you’re tired of having your glasses break anytime you drop or sit on them, these might be the way to go. The polycarbonate frame is tough but also flexible to fit comfortably on your head.

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As for the lenses, they’re polarized and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Plus, there is a huge range of frame and lens design choices to get exactly what you need. Blue on black, black on yellow, a lot of options for expressing yourself.

Just keep in mind that these don’t have a foam seal like other riding glasses, so if you wear them inside a helmet or in cold weather, they’re very likely to fog.

These are best for simply blocking out the sun, not wind and the elements when you’re riding on hot sunny days.


  • Tough polycarbonate frame
  • Comfortable fit
  • Polarized lenses
  • UV protection
  • Range of color and lens options


  • No seal

Harley-Davidson Men’s Tat Skull Gasket Sunglasses

A lot of motorcyclists complain that Harley products have an inflated price simply because of the brand name. They’re partly right, but it’s also true that Harley makes quality gear—and motorcycles for that matter—that has precision designs behind it.

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In this case, for a higher price, you’re getting a tougher, more durable plastic frame. You also get a soft foam seal that makes them comfortable against your face even at high speeds and seals out air to prevent fogging and dry eyes. The lenses protect against UV light as well.

Just be sure to check out the design before you decide on these. I personally like the smoke gray coloring with the Willie G Skull emblem, but others may not. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other design or lens options.


  • High-quality frame
  • Comfortable foam seal
  • Prevents fogging and dry eyes
  • UV protection
  • Cool design


  • High price
  • No design or lens options

Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle riding glasses range considerably in quality. Besides looking for a tough frame that will stand up to impacts, there are two primary features you should check before deciding on a pair:


The lenses are the whole point of the glasses, so consider them carefully. There are several things to look for.

UV Protection

The sun doesn’t just make it harder to see. Its UV light can actually damage your eyes.

You want lenses with protection against both UVA and UVB rays. There are different ratings for this, but you should look for glasses with at least a UV400 rating.


Different lenses come in different colors. These aren’t just for style. They actually affect how the lens functions.

  • Gray or black lenses: Also called “smoke” lenses, are best for bright sun
  • Amber or yellow lenses: Good for low-light situations. They block out blue light so help with oncoming headlights at night or in the fog without limiting your vision. 
  • Clear lenses: These protect your eyes from air and wind without blocking any light at all.


Polarization is a type of chemical treatment often applied to sunglasses lenses. It prevents a significant amount of light from passing through the lenses, protecting your eyes and preventing glare. If you live in a bright, sunny place, polarized lenses are the ideal choice. 


If you ride at all times of the day, you might want to use black lenses during the day but amber or clear lenses at night. Some glasses come with multiple lenses that you can change in and out. This makes the glasses more versatile and convenient.


Most but not all riding glasses will include some kind of seal, usually made of foam around the eyes. This makes the glasses more comfortable since, at high speeds, the wind will press the glasses against your face. 

However, the primary purpose is to prevent air and wind from entering the glasses between your eyes and the lenses. Without a good seal, you can end up with dried-out eyes and fogging lenses. 

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle riding glasses can protect your eyes and preserve your vision for safer, more comfortable rides.

My go-to pair are the WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses, but if you’re looking for a multi-pack for friends, family, or even just yourself, the Surpassme 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses pack is a great budget option.