Best Motorcycle USB Charger For Cell Phones



If you are a biker who enjoys exploring, you probably use your cell phone a lot while you ride. The problem is that it drains your device’s battery. 

The solution? 

Buy a motorcycle USB charger for your phone. 

You’ll find a vast range of chargers to choose from, and it can get overwhelming. 

To make picking one easier for you, I’ve rounded up the best motorcycle USB chargers with detailed reviews here. Don’t forget to read the buyer’s guide at the end, so you know which one suits you best. 

Best Overall
YONHAN Motorcycle USB Charger YONHAN Motorcycle USB Charger

Amazing features

Includes a voltmeter and an on/off switch, and is quite durable and affordable.

Highest Power
MOTOPOWER Motorcycle USB Charger Kit MOTOPOWER Motorcycle USB Charger Kit

Fast charging 

3.1 Amp power allows speedy charging.

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers Reviewed 

YONHAN Motorcycle USB Charger with Voltmeter

  • Output: 2.4 Amp
  • Wire/cable length: 40’’

Worried about both your phone battery and your motorcycle battery? YONHAN’s SAE adapter has a built-in voltmeter that keeps you updated about your battery health while you charge your phone and another device—it has two USB ports!

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Neat, isn’t it? Wait till you hear about the on/off switch that prevents your bike battery from being unnecessarily drained.

It’s also waterproof and comes with a couple of zip ties and a mounting bracket. The company recommends installation in 4 ways that you can see here.


  • Voltmeter included 
  • Waterproof
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 


  • Voltmeter difficult to read in the sunlight 
  • You might need extra zip ties 

MOTOPOWER Motorcycle USB Charger Kit

  • Output: 3.1 Amps
  • Wire/cable length: 6’’+ 48’’

MOTOPOWER is a big name in electrical products, especially chargers. The MOTOPOWER Charger Kit will be a good buy if your phone battery drains fast. Its powerful 3.1 amp output charges up devices faster than normal. 

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Another reason why this charger is a good pick is its wire length. The 48″ wire is long enough to connect with the battery and is very easy to set up. It comes with a cap to keep dust out when not in use. 


  • High 3.1 Amp power
  • Long 48″ wire


  • No switch
  • Battery connector wires are thin

BikeMaster Dual USB Charger with Handlebar Mount

  • Output: 2 Amps
  • Wire/cable length: 12’’+ 38’’

The BikeMaster Dual USB Charger is durable and works well even in harsh conditions, and the mount has a strong grip. The charger allows the user to charge two devices simultaneously, giving it an extra edge. 

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The well-built design easily mounts on 7/8″ and 1″ motorcycle bars and stays in place.

Other features include 38″ of wire and 12″ long battery quick connect rings, which are just long enough to be connected to your bike battery.

A blue LED is also built in to signal when the charger has power, but it has no off switch, which drains your motorcycle battery unless you disconnect it. 


  • Strong mount grip
  • Two USB ports


  • No on/off switch—LED drains the battery
  • Wire length might interfere with turning bars

Oxford Weatherproof Dual Socket 

  • Output: 2 Amps
  • Wire/cable length: 10’’+ 35’’

If you frequently ride in unpleasant weather conditions, the Oxford Weatherproof Charger is a good option.

The heavy-duty weatherproof cap keeps your charging ports dry even if your ride is interrupted by sudden rain.

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The device comes with two charging ports, a 35″ wire, and another 10’’one to connect the fuse to the battery. It also features an LED light to indicate power.


  • Weatherproof cap
  • Two USB ports


  • Wire length might be too short for some users
  • LED light is always on and drains power

Battery Tender Quick Disconnect USB Charger Adaptor

  • Output: 2.1 Amps
  • Wire/cable length: no wire

Deltran, the company keeping your vehicle batteries automatically safe since 1965, manufactured this Battery Tender USB Charger Adapter specifically for 12-Volt motorcycle batteries.

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This portable device is as easy to use as it sounds: simply plug it into an SAE port that you plug your motorcycle battery charger into. Even better if you already have a Battery Tender Quick Disconnect setup on your vehicle. The USB port also comes with a rubber flap to protect the connector when it is not in use. 


  • Portable 
  • Works well with existing Battery Tender connectors


  • Requires existing SAE port
  • Long USB cable needed
  • Not waterproof 

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some essential factors to consider before deciding which motorcycle USB charger to buy. 

Connector Type: SAE

You might have noticed that all the products in this review offer SAE connectors. While you may have heard about other battery connectors (like DIN), SAE connectors are more commonly used in the United States. 

You’ll find two color-coded ring terminals on the SAE cable end that are connected to your battery, making it easy to attach the connector to the positive and negative nodes of your bike battery.

SAE cables are safer and less prone to short circuits, plus you can connect them to any bike. 


Given the nature of bike rides, it is important to consider whether a USB charger will survive the weather. If you are prone to experiencing rain or dust, pick a USB charger with a weather-resistant or waterproof cap. 

While the cap/cover protects your charger from sudden rain, remember that the chargers are still electric devices not specifically manufactured to be used in the rain. 

Power Drain

Connecting a USB charger drains power from your motorcycle battery, especially with chargers that feature LED lights to indicate that they’re turned on.

While the drain is not huge it can cause problems. 

The main issue arises when your motorcycle is parked or not running for an extended period (weeks or months), and the charger is connected.

This can drain and waste a lot of power from your motorcycle battery because USB chargers are connected directly to the battery, which keeps the LED light on regardless of the status of your ignition. 

You can consider two things: buy a USB charger with an on/off switch for the LED or remember to remove your charger from the battery when you intend to leave your bike parked for an extended time. 

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USB chargers specifically made for motorcycles are not that complicated and just need to be connected to the battery through SAE connectors. Products that include SAE cables will save you the hassle of buying them separately. 


SAE connectors are versatile and are manufactured for various power levels. Typically, mobile phone chargers deliver a current of 2.1 Amp—remember that phones are designed to draw only as much current as they need, regardless of the charger. 

However, if your phone has a higher drawing capacity, it will charge faster when connected to a higher power charger.

If charging speed matters to you, go for chargers with higher amperage. To reiterate, if your phone has a lower drawing capacity, a 3.1 Amp charger will not damage it; your phone will take as much as it needs. 

Another option to consider is a phone holder with built-in wireless charging.

Cable\wire length

The longer the wire, the better. Depending on your bike, some cable lengths might make turning the handlebars difficult.

Final Thoughts 

The YONHAN Motorcycle USB Charger is the clear winner because of its exceptional features, especially the switch. The MOTOPOWER Motorcycle USB Charger Kit is better for those wanting a high power output.