Best Honda Grom Clone [2022 Options]

Honda Grom Clone

The Honda Grom is an award-winning motorcycle that packs a lot of punch into its 227-pound, 125 cc design. Since its development in 2014, it’s become increasingly popular, prompting many other motorcycle companies to copy or “clone” it. Many of these clones are attractive to potential buyers because of their low prices, but are they … Read more

Best Exhaust Upgrades for a Honda Grom [more power, better sound]

exhaust for honda grom

One of the best things about the Honda Grom is that it can be easily upgraded. I love upgrading my exhaust, not just because it increases power and performance, but also because, frankly, it sounds cool. I’ve found four aftermarket exhaust systems that are great for the Grom, and don’t worry, the sound isn’t the … Read more

Is the Honda Grom Street Legal?

Honda grom's

The Honda Grom is generally street legal, but it depends on the “street” you’re talking about. At 125 cc—or 123.9 technically—the Grom is classified differently in a lot of jurisdictions, sometimes a “scooter” or “motor-driven cycle” and sometimes a standard “motorcycle.”  Regardless, you can ride the stock Grom on city streets just about anywhere. It’s … Read more

Do You Need a Motorcycle License for a Honda Grom?

Honda grom's

Yes, in most cases, you will need some type of motorcycle-specific license to operate a Honda Grom. The Grom has an engine displacement of 125 cc, which is large enough to require a motorcycle license in most jurisdictions.  State Specific That said, it’s still small enough that it may be classified differently from other motorcycles. … Read more

Showdown: Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus

Honda Grom and Honda Ruckus side by side

If you’re in the market for a small bike, you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about the Honda Grom and the Honda Ruckus. Both are lightweight motorcycles with off-road capabilities and great fuel efficiency. The Grom, however, is more of a sports bike, while the Ruckus is more of a scooter. I compared them … Read more

Showdown: Honda Grom Vs. Honda Monkey

Grom and Monkey side by side

For mini-motorcycle enthusiasts, deciding between the Honda Monkey and Honda Grom can be tricky. Both have a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine with a manual transmission. They are both lightweight and have identical exhaust and brake systems.  It’s safe to say that the differences between the two models in terms of their performance and features are … Read more