Best Auto Tuner for Harley Davidson: Optimise your Fuel Management



A motorcycle’s air-fuel ratio and timing are essential to keeping it running at optimum levels. 

If both of these elements aren’t right, your speed, power output, and mileage can all be affected. Getting a tuner for your bike will provide the careful management needed to keep everything as it should be. 

Upgrading a Harley is one of the first things owners do after it rolls out of the dealership. However, putting performance parts on your Harley without managing your air-fuel mix is a recipe for disaster, which is why a good tuner is a must in these circumstances. 

Here are our top tuners for Harley motorcycles.

Best Overall
Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Autotuner

The Vance & Hines Fuelpak is a straightforward system with a built-in decel tool and a large calibration library.

Best Value
Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Tuner

The Cobra is an affordable and easy-to-install piggyback device with an adjustable format.

Reviews of the Best Harley Tuners

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Autotuner

Our favorite pick is the Fuelpak FP3. Its collective features make the FP3 the best tuner on the market for fuel-injected Harleys.

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From your smartphone, you can access a wide range of options for mapping exhaust systems and other performance upgrades.

If you leave the FP3 hooked up to your bike, it will implement the autotune feature, which adjusts your air-to-fuel ratio automatically to keep everything optimized as you ride over time.

When the FP3 is plugged into your bike, you can see the live data on your smartphone, which displays a wide range of data, including speed, RPM, power, torque, fuel economy, and even the cylinder-head temperature.

Another awesome feature of the FP3 is that you can read diagnostic codes as they come up and you can clear them once you’ve resolved the issue. 

You can select from three different decel-pop reduction levels to seamlessly remove any irritating or disturbing noises.

The module itself is super easy to use, just plug and play with all the information displayed on the connected smartphone app. Flicking through the settings is intuitive and the data is clearly displayed.

With the FP3 you can fit a new exhaust and air cleaner onto your bike knowing that everything will then be tuned right. Boosting your bike’s performance has never been easier than it is with the Fuelpak FP3. 


  • Wireless bluetooth connection to iPhone and Android
  • Wide choice of calibrations from V&H library
  • Live data display while riding 
  • Easy removal if autotuning is not required
  • Removal of top speed limiter on M8 models
  • Reads and clears diagnostic codes


  • Replaced by the FP4 but remains a firm favorite due to the FP4’s teething issues

Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Tuner For Harley

The Cobra Fi12000R is a slightly different device than others on the list because it’s a piggyback device, which means your settings get removed when you disconnect the device and plug your factory connectors back in. 

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You’ll like how simple to install and use the Cobra is. It removes the complicated technology often associated with auto tuners and other electronics.

You can adjust the fuel delivery using three different parameters, each with 10 settings. It’s an easy and precise way of ensuring your bike is tuned to fit any new performance parts. 

The Fi2000R will even suit those who are used to dealing with carbs and working with jets. As the tuning system should feel familiar despite everything now being done electronically.

At the end of the day, the Cobra is a great value and will do everything you need it to do.


  • Harley specific
  • Easy installation
  • Good value


  • Fewer settings than other units
  • Piggyback unit—needs to stay on your bike to run new maps

Dynojet Power Commander V

Just like Vance & Hines, Dynojet offers a wide range of downloadable maps with combinations for a large range of models and accessories. 

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If there isn’t a map combination that works, you can develop a custom map for your bike specifically, but this should be done with the help of a dyno. 

The Dynojet PCV can adjust the map for each gear, RPM, and throttle position.

The detail in which the PCV’s fuel mapping takes place makes it suitable for all sorts of riders. 

If you ride into the city for your commute you will benefit from low-down torque. If you are a racer, where smoother power delivery and top-end is most necessary, the PCV can adjust to all your needs.

You can also buy a map switch separately so that, with the touch of a button, you can switch between two different maps as you ride. 

The Dynojet C3 mobile app allows you to connect the Power Commander V to see data live and make the necessary changes to get your air-fuel mix exactly right for each situation. 

One important note is that the Power Commander V is incompatible with Apple Mac software.

Installing the PCV is a little bit complicated, and it’s a fiddly job to make sure everything is as it should be. 

The unit does come with instructions, so just take your time and follow the installation guide.


  • Maps for either optimal MPG or power
  • Mobile app connection
  • Large database of free customizable maps
  • Option for a custom map built for your needs
  • 10 customizable throttle positions


  • Slightly complicated installation process
  • Software compatibility limited to Windows PC

Dynojet Power Vision For Harley 

We have another entry from Dynojet and this one is specifically made to work with any Harley Davidson motorcycle that is fuel injected and fitted with the Delphi ECM. 

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The biggest difference between the Power Commander V and the Power Vision is that you don’t need a mobile app or a computer to use the Power Vision. 

It features a full, color touch screen on which you can navigate all the commands needed and configure your bike’s settings how you want. 

The Power Vision is equipped with a built-in Auto-Tune Basic Mode for optimizing your fuel settings mid-ride. 

The unit downloads and stores your stock fuel map and settings, then you can select up to six different tunes to be stored on the device, ready to be flashed to your bike. 

Dynojet has ensured the unit also provides useful information, such as MPG, speed, air/fuel ratio, etc., while your bike is running so you know everything is as it should be. 


  • No computer or mobile app necessary
  • All settings accessed by touch-screen display
  • Hundreds of dyno tunes to select from 
  • Original stock tuning saved for future use 
  • Harley-specific model


  • Expensive

Two Brothers Juice Box Gen 4 Fuel Controller For Harley

The Juice Box Gen 4 is another piggyback unit that is a simple plug-and-play device with no dyno-tuning required. 

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There are dyno-tuned maps already downloaded onto the device, ready to select and get your bike running as optimally as possible.

The fuel controller is best suited for those who want to keep things as easy as possible but know that they need to modify the bike’s tuning to accommodate performance parts. 

The instructions are clear and will guide you through the install and setup process as well as let you know what you need to do to get your bike’s fuel mapping right. 


  • Good value
  • Plug and play
  • Simple installation and use


  • Limited tuning options 

Buyers Guide

Considerations and Cost

When it comes to buying a tuner for your Harley, there are some important things you need to think about so that you get the right one for your needs. 

Here are my top tips for buying a tuner for your Harley Davidson:

First of all, if you’re making performance upgrades, get one

A tuner is a device that adjusts the air-fuel mix and ignition timing of your bike. The adjustments are made to accommodate any modifications you have made, specifically performance based parts such as a new muffler and airbox. 

The adjustments ensure that your bike is running efficiently and not causing any excess wear and tear on your internal components. 

Essentially, a tuner will keep your bike happy and healthy for longer. 

The added bonus is that along with your new parts, you should see a boost in both performance and/or fuel efficiency. 

Many riders don’t need a tuner for their motorcycle, as they leave their bikes stock and don’t make any serious modifications that affect the bike’s performance. 

However, Harleys are notorious for being customized almost as soon as they leave the dealer, with exhausts being one of the most common modifications. 

Read about the best performance exhausts for Harleys.

If you are making changes (not just cosmetic) to your bike then you should get a tuner. It is a small investment that keeps your bike fighting fit and performing to its optimal level. 

Make sure it’s compatible with your bike 

Before you buy a tuner, make sure it’s compatible with your motorcycle model. 

Revzilla is pretty good at putting up a full list of bikes that each tuner is compatible with and if you’re in doubt, make sure you ask the question first. 

You can also speak to your local Harley dealer, who will advise you on both whether you need a tuner and whether a certain one will work for your motorcycle. 

Get one that’s easy to use

Some tuners are easier to install and navigate than others. Some require a computer or a mobile app, others are fully independent with a touch screen, and some are less tech-based and are simply plug-and-play units with push buttons for the settings. 

Be sure to go for a device that you are confident in installing and using. 

The benefit of a device like the Power Commander V is that you have full access to hundreds of downloadable maps that can then be installed on your bike using the unit. 

Once plugged into your computer you can also build custom maps to suit your specific bike with its specific custom parts that you have added. 

Some tuners like the Fuelpak FP3 have built-in auto-tuners that, if left plugged into the bike, will adjust your bike’s air/fuel ratio on the fly to make sure it’s running properly at all times. 

You can also switch between maps on the go with this kind of tuner, which is awesome for riders who ride in different situations regularly, for example, commuting around the city and then going on long, fast highway rides. 

Piggyback devices

Piggyback devices, such as the Cobra Fi12000R, are the most simple units to use, but they have to be left on the bike to maintain your settings. The main downside of tuners like this is that there are fewer custom options available and fewer in-depth settings available. 


There you have it—everything you need to pick the right tuner for your Harley.

The number-one best choice is the Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3. It’s really hard to beat in terms of the features it is loaded with and the hundreds of settings to pick from. 

If you need something a bit more simple, you can’t go wrong with the Cobra Fi2000R. It will do the job well at a great price.