Honda Navi Top Speed (Official and Unofficial Figures)



Despite having a smaller motor than other Honda minibikes at just 109cc, the Navi still gets pretty good speed thanks to its lightweight sport bike-style frame.

In fact, Honda rates the Navi for a top speed of around 50 mph, or about 80 km/h.

Some riders say they’ve gotten speeds of over 60 mph in the right conditions with the average cruising speed being around 45 mph.

The actual top speed of your Honda Navi depends on a number of internal and external factors.

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What Factors Affect Honda Navi Top Speed?


The Honda Navi is a sleek aerodynamic minibike with a curb weight of just 236 pounds. However, while having the wind at your back can give you a bit more speed, it won’t greatly increase your potential top speed because of the forward-lean riding posture.

Wind is much more likely to decrease your top speed on the Navi. First of all, a strong headwind can shave off a few miles per hour even if you’re fully tucked. More importantly, the Navi has small 10-inch wheels and reacts dramatically to lateral gusts. 

In strong winds, you shouldn’t try to reach the 50-mph top speed. This is one of the main reasons the average cruising speed is closer to 45 mph.


Grade is the most commonly cited reason riders give for exceeding the normal top speed of 50 mph.

Steep declines allow riders to go over 60 mph, though this is dangerous due to the Navi’s small wheels. On the other hand, a steep incline is difficult for the Navi’s 9-hp motor, decreasing the top speed down to around 45 mph.


The same motor can move lower weight at higher speeds than otherwise. This includes the weight of the rider. This is doubly true with the Navi because it’s already lightweight, so a change in passenger or luggage weight makes a bigger difference.

The Navi can carry an impressive 337 lbs, about 153 kg. In general, the closer you get to this limit, the slower the bike will go.

Mods and Specs

It’s not just external factors. The parts and specs of the Navi itself will make a big difference as to the top speed you can get out of it.

These parts include the fuel injectors, air intake and exhaust system. Adding improved after-market parts can increase your top speed while failing to properly maintain them can decrease it.  

Is the 2022 Honda Navi Faster Than Older Models?

2022 is the Navi’s debut on the American market. However, with its engine borrowed from the popular Activa 6G scooter, the Navi has been available in Asian markets like India since 2016.

Over that time period, Honda has made few changes to the Navi besides increasing the color options. As a result, all Navis have roughly the same top speed of 50 mph regardless of year.