Motorcycle Camping Trailers: 12 Innovative Options



Motorcycle trips offer riders a world of adventure. Adding camping to the list of activities can help motorcycle enthusiasts take their adventures to the next level.

We’ve rounded up a list of the top 12 motorcycle camping trailers to help you pick the right one for your next trek. Here’s everything you need to know.

Pop-Up Campers

Lees-ure Lite Excel Camper

Lees-ure Lite Excel Camper


Weight – 265 lbs
Open Dimensions – 121” L x 54” W
Storage Volume – 30 cubic feet
Price – $5,095

The Lees-ure Lite Excel camper is a unique style pop-up with an incredibly easy setup. Utilizing jack legs to stabilize the camper on the ground, the top of the trailer box unlatches and folds open to become the floor of a small living space.

The living space is tall enough for most adults to stand upright and has enough room for a small table and folding chairs, while the bed is large enough for two adults. 

Features include windows on each side, tie-back walk-through openings, and built-in awnings over the front and back windows.

Customers might be surprised by the number of add-ons available for this camper, including additional rooms, larger awnings, screened-in rooms, and air conditioning kits. This is the perfect camper for riders looking for extra leg space under the tent without having to shell out extra cash.

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Kompact Kamp Mini Mate Camper

Kompact Kamp Mini Mate Camper


Weight – 260 lbs
Open Dimensions – 90” L x 40” W
Storage Volume – 15 cubic feet
Price – $3,495

The Mini Mate Motorcycle camper is true to its name with its small box structure. However, it provides enough sleeping space for two, room for storage underneath, and plenty of head space when opened.

This is a great option for riders who like the simplicity of a pop-up system and appreciate the sleek look of a fiberglass box and top. The Mini Mate has a rubber torsion suspension system, offering riders a smoother ride, and comes equipped with drop-down stabilization jacks. 

The setup of this camper is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes. The tented portion is made of a heavy-duty, water- and UV-resistant canvas, which helps to keep the elements out. Cushions inside the camper can turn into a bench for indoor seating and are used for the bed.

Riders should keep in mind that with the limited storage space available, camping extras like tables and chairs may have to be secured to the luggage rack rather than stored inside the camper.

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Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camping Trailer

Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camping Trailer


Weight – 400 lbs
Open Dimensions – 102″ L x 68.5″ W
Storage Volume – 23 cubic feet
Price – $3,949

The Solace Deluxe Motorcycle camping trailer is a great pop-up option for riders looking for a simple camper at an affordable price.

This tent-style camper features an elevated queen size bed and a spacious living area with enough room to stand up straight and use a folding table and chairs. The tent material is durable and water-resistant to keep you dry from the elements, although additional waterproofing may be beneficial for nights with heavy rain.

The camper comes equipped with a torsion axle, which will help absorb some of the road’s bumps, and an air conditioning port to keep cool on those long, hot trips.

Included for free with the camper are a cooler with cooler rack (accessible via a zippered access hole from inside the camper), queen-sized air mattress, cargo bag, 1 ⅞” coupler to connect to your hitch, and folding table. This solution offers customers a lot of bang for their buck.

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Aspen Classic

Aspen Classic


Weight – 350 lbs
Open Dimensions – 150” L x 72” W
Storage Volume – 25 cubic feet
Price – $2,900+

The Aspen Classic camper has been around for years. It offers riders a lightweight and simple solution to camping while out on the road.

With storage space and a king-size bed, this camper is a great option for riders with a passenger. Its pop-up style allows for quick setup and tear-down, and it comes equipped with four jack stands to help stabilize the camper on different terrain.

This is a basic camper with just the necessities for sleeping out of the elements; it attaches via a 1 ⅞” hitch.

Additional features include a travel cover, LED trailer light, and a standard 6-pin plug. While Aspen no longer manufactures these trailers, this model can be found second-hand on many RV sites, making it affordable for riders with smaller budgets. 

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Easy Camper by Time Out Trailers


Weight – 320 lbs
Open Dimensions – 138” L x 64” W
Storage Volume – 16 cubic feet
Price – $3,695

The Easy Camper is a compact, pop-up camper for riders looking to tow light. This is a great option for those looking for quick and easy setup and tear down, which can be done in under five minutes.

Stabilizer jacks help steady the camper while set up, and the living area is elevated off the ground. The interior offers enough space inside for its queen size air mattress, small table, and a couple small chairs, all of which can be stored inside while riding.

In addition to its standard features, riders can purchase add-ons such as extra rooms, awnings, cooler packages, and light bars, which can come in handy for an extended stay. Attaches to a motorcycle with a standard 1 ⅞” hitch.

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Deluxe Camper by Time Out Trailer


Weight – 385 lbs
Open Dimensions – 178” L x 64” W
Storage Volume – 23 cubic feet
Price – $4,695

The Deluxe Time Out camper is a larger version of the earlier mentioned Easy Camper with the same simple pop-up and tear-down features.

In addition to the queen-sized air mattress, this camper comes equipped with a folding table and chair, easily stored while riding.

Two of the major size differences between this camper and its smaller counterpart are the size of the living space (66 square feet vs. 58 square feet) and the size of the wheels (12″ versus 8″). Window screens and an air conditioning port help to keep the space cool during those hot summer months.

The Deluxe Time Out camper is a great option for 1-2 adults. With the larger storage capacity and add-on features like extra rooms and awnings, this is an inexpensive solution for riders looking to stay in one place for multiple nights without giving up some of the comforts available in more expensive options.

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Hard Side Campers

Easy Rider Camper

Easy Rider Camper


Weight – 630 lbs
Dimensions – 72” L x 44” W
Price – $3,495

The Easy Rider camper is a great small solution for riders looking for some of the comforts of a traditional camper without the price tag.

This hard-top camper comes with a cushion mattress that runs the length and width of its interior. It features a door that opens at the back and can be deadbolted for additional security.

What makes this camper stand out is the built-in storage cabinets, 7″ TV screen, and DVD/radio entertainment center. Riders can enjoy plenty of light and fresh air while inside the trailer with its sunlights, side windows, and roof vent.

Another great feature for riders on multi-day trips is the 12-volt electrical system which can be used to run the built-in entertainment and charge electronic devices like cell phones.

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Midwest Rover

Midwest Rover


Weight – 920 lbs
Dimensions – 153” L x 68” W
Price – $13,765

The Midwest Rover camper is a mid-range tear-drop-shaped camper with modern amenities you won’t find in any pop-up tent-style camper.

This silver exterior option includes doors that open on each side and are equipped with deadbolts for added security. Windows in the doors allow for airflow while keeping bugs and the elements out. The back end of the camper opens up to storage cubbies, a two-burner stove, and space for a cooler or mini-fridge.

Inside, riders will find a full-size bed, ceiling lights, cup holders, shelves for storage, and a built-in DVD player for entertainment.

Additional storage can be found in the floor of the camper, underneath the mattress. While it boasts comfortable sleeping quarters and convenient amenities, customers will need to consider awnings or tents for time spent outdoors, especially in warmer weather.

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MyPod Little Guy

MyPod Little Guy


Weight – 760 lbs
Dimensions – 138” L x 72” W
Price – $17,000+

The MyPod Little Guy camper is a higher-end tear-drop camper that lives up to its name.

Standard in this compact fiberglass camper is an entertainment center (to include a TV), a built-in air conditioning unit, 12V/110 power supply, storage cubbies, shelves, and a full-size bed. Two large windows offer plenty of light but come with shades to add privacy. A large door at the back of the trailer makes getting in and out easy.

Its sleek design comes in multiple colors to help match different bike color schemes, and customers can purchase add-ons such as a roof rack for extra storage and screened-in rooms for additional living space.

This is a great option for riders who are interested in both style and convenience.

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Poly-Drop Trailer

Polydrops Trailer


Weight – 820 lbs
Dimensions – 163” L x 72” W
Price – $14,990

The Poly-Drop camping trailer is a unique geometric-shaped camper with modern amenities and several great add-on features.

This compact option includes gull-wing doors on each side for easy in and out of the sleeping area and a rear hatch door to access the galley with a table and storage.

A large roof vent fan helps to circulate air inside the trailer. A lithium iron phosphate battery helps power interior lights and outlets where riders can plug in accessories like phones and tablets.

The Poly-Drop is unique in the types of add-on features that riders can choose from. These include coolers, additional storage, porta-potties, skylight windows, awnings, roof racks, spare tires, and storage boxes.

This is a great option for riders looking to go on longer trips so they can take those modern amenities with them.

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The Tuco Caravan

The Tuco Caravan


Weight – 600 lbs
Dimensions – 144” L x 48” W
Price – $16,500

The Tuco Caravan trailer was built with the adventurer in mind. This overland camper is a great option for dual-sport riders who like to get off the beaten path.

It has a classic yet simple design with an aluminum exterior, hardwood interior, window with screen, and large side door. The interior doesn’t offer much more than a comfortable memory foam mattress, LED lights, fan vent, and minimal storage.

The exterior is where many might be impressed. This small tear-drop option includes a solar panel, goal zero generator (which runs off the solar panel instead of gas), and LED and utility lights.

This camper also features a torsion axle that helps to absorb bumps on the road. While this is a striking option, riders will need to consider the cost of the rig compared to what they get for the higher price tag.

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The Great Escape Caravan

The Great Escape Caravan


Weight – 750 lbs
Dimensions – 144” L x 72” W
Price – $19,000

The Great Escape Caravan trailer is the next size up from the Tuco caravan previously listed. Like its smaller counterpart, this is an overland camper made for adventure on and off the road.

This camper is a more comfortable option for two riders to sleep comfortably. It features a larger memory foam mattress and more storage space for longer trips. The Great Escape also boasts a large back hatch and storage boot that can be used as a kitchenette or additional storage.

Similar to the smaller model, this camper has a solar panel and the same goal zero generator to power the lights and fan and other electronic devices like cell phones and tablets.

In addition to its standard features, riders can add on a travel shower, awnings, a second door, and mounting racks. Riders can even have custom graphics created to match their motorcycle.

This camper is a great solution for riders who aren’t so worried about the price tag as they are about the quality of their adventure.

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Regardless of whether you’re going on a cross-country road trip or to a bike rally a few towns over, motorcycle campers are a great alternative to sleeping in a hotel or a tent on the ground.

The available options run the gamut from simplistic and minimal to modern and luxurious. With the many different styles on the market, you can pick the camper that fits your needs and budget so you can get on the road and have the adventure of your dreams.

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