Guarding Your Gear: Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock of 2023


When I first started riding, I carried my helmet around with me everywhere. Work? There it was on my desk. The doctor’s office? Sitting on a chair in the waiting room.

Obviously, this was a big hassle, so I decided to get a helmet lock instead. These were the five best I came across.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks – Quick Picks

HelmetLok II Helmet Lock: Best Helmet Lock Overall
Kuryakyn Universal License Plate Helmet Lock: Best Helmet Lock Placement
Kuryakyn Universal Chrome Helmet Lock: Most Secure Mounted Helmet Lock
Rockbros Motorcycle Helmet Lock: Best Budget Combo Helmet Lock
WUFCIYBO Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock: Best Budget Mounted Helmet Lock

Reviews of the Best Helmet Locks

Best Overall
HelmetLok II Helmet Lock HelmetLok II Helmet Lock

I love this lock because it's inexpensive and simple, yet effective. Its universal size fits most handlebars or frames, and its rubber coating keeps it from scratching your paint job.

This combo lock uses a T-bar extension to connect to your chin strap. The combination means you don't have to carry keys around, but it does make things difficult if the numbers rub off. The HelmetLok II is fairly resistant to the elements, but it does wear over time.

  • Low price
  • Fits most motorcycles
  • Rubber coating
  • Keyless combo lock
  • Combo numbers wear down
  • Flimsy T-bar

Best Placement
Kuryakyn Universal License Plate Helmet Lock Kuryakyn Universal License Plate Helmet Lock

This lock is an interesting one. Unlike other mounted locks, it uses your motorcycle's license-plate mount, which saves you space and holds the helmet in a less conspicuous place. Depending on your motorcycle's design, you can either install the mounting plate behind the license plate or simply install the mount itself using the same bolts you use for the license plate.

However, there is the downside of having to carry a key, like any mounted lock, but this makes it a bit stronger. However, the unique drawback of the Kuryakyn license plate helmet lock is its complicated installation, even compared to other mounted locks.

  • Convenient placement
  • Universal mounting
  • Tough key lock
  • Complicated installation
  • Higher price

Most Secure Mounted Helmet Lock
Kuryakyn Universal Chrome Helmet Lock Kuryakyn Universal Chrome Helmet Lock

If you don't like the license-plate-mount design, this standard mounted lock is another good option from Kuryakyn. Installation is simple, but the lock is sturdy and tough, using a key to secure the helmet.

It's kind of strange that Kuryakyn calls this a "universal" lock since there are two sizes. This helps you get a more precise and secure fit, but it does mean that you should probably measure the handlebar or part of the frame where you want to install the lock.

  • Secure mounted design
  • Tough key lock
  • Two sizes
  • High-end price
  • Must determine size

Best Budget Combo Helmet Lock
ROCKBROS Motorcycle Helmet Lock ROCKBROS Motorcycle Helmet Lock

If you just need a basic combo lock for a few bucks, this is your best bet. In fact, you get two locks for the low price, so use the other one for luggage or a second helmet, whatever.

Granted, these are very simple locks that use stretchable cables. The cable is flexible and convenient, but it isn't as secure as other designs. It might not be ideal for high-crime areas or leaving your helmet on your bike for long periods of time.

Finally, this is a combo lock and has the usual pros and cons. You don't have a key to deal with, but you do have to remember the combination and put it in each time you unlock your helmet.

  • Budget-friendly two-for-one price
  • Convenient stretch-cable design
  • Easy combo lock
  • Lightweight
  • Cable can be cut

Best Budget Mounted Helmet Lock
WUFCIYBO Universal Helmet Lock WUFCIYBO Universal Helmet Lock

You'll be hard-pressed to find a mounted lock for less. It’s straightforward and functions like any other mounted lock, using keys to lock. What’s nice is that its installation is a bit simpler than other models and it just requires an Allen key.

The biggest problem with the lock is that it's a bit on the small side, only compatible with handlebars or frames up to one inch. It's also not the toughest lock on the market, but I do appreciate the anti-rust design.

  • Budget price
  • Secure mounted design
  • Rustproof
  • Simple installation
  • Small mounting diameter

Buyer’s Guide

The Best Lock Designs

Motorcycle helmet locks come in a few different designs that affect how secure they are and how convenient they are to use.

Mounted Helmet Locks

A mounted helmet lock has a mounting system that you install permanently onto some part of your motorcycle. This is usually the handlebar, but it can also be part of the frame or even the license plate mount.

Pros: Mounted locks are by far the most secure. If you’re a commuter and leave your helmet locked to your bike for long periods of time, this is what I recommend. As a bonus, you don’t have to carry the lock around with you, just the key.

Cons: Mounted locks are usually more expensive than other models. Additionally, the installation is usually more involved, sometimes requiring tools.

Carabiner T-Bar Locks

A carabiner lock is shaped just like any other carabiner except that it locks closed, usually by a combination. You just attach to your helmet, usually the chin strap’s D-rings, and then to the motorcycle wherever you can. Most also come with T-bar attachments that slip through the D-rings and make the helmet easier to attach.

Pros: Carabiner locks are simple to use and provide more versatility than mounted locks. They’re normally less expensive too.

Cons: The biggest con of a carabiner lock is that you have to carry it with you. Or you can leave it attached to your bike frame where it will rattle around and scratch things up. It’s also not going to be as secure as a mounted lock.

Cable Locks

Usually seen on bicycles, you can also use a cable lock to secure your motorcycle helmet. The cable will stretch, so you can wrap it through the helmet’s chin guard and then through the motorcycle frame.

Pros: Cable locks are very convenient. They’re easy to use, and you can secure your helmet in different positions and places. They’re also cheap.

Cons: Cable locks aren’t very secure at all. A thief can easily cut the cable. As a result, I only recommend one for occasional lockups in safe areas. If you’re commuting in a big city, stick with a mounted lock.

Key vs Combination 

Helmet locks of all types can be locked in one of two ways: keys or combinations. Both have their pros and cons.

I personally prefer key locks because they tend to be a bit more secure. They’re also faster to unlock. However, they do have the big downside that you have to keep track of the key and be sure to carry it with you.

Combination locks are convenient because you don’t have to bother with a key. You do have to remember the combination, though, which you may forget in the offseason. Plus, the numbers could rub off over time, making it impossible to enter the correct combination. 

Additionally, combination locks simply aren’t as secure.

Final Thoughts

Try using a helmet lock and you’ll see how much time and hassle it saves you — not to mention saving you money on stolen helmets. The HelmetLok II Helmet Lok is a great overall choice, and if you want the security of a mounted lock, I recommend the Kuryakyn Universal Chrome Helmet Lock.