Best Motorcycle Tank Bags for Storage and Convenience


Storage is always a challenge when it comes to motorcycles, especially convenient storage. Saddlebags and tail bags are great for longer trips, but you have to stop and park your bike to access their contents.

Tank bags, on the other hand, allow you to conveniently store items you might want at the ready like your phone, wallet, insurance, and registration.

Not to mention, they generally have a universal fit, can be strapped down or affixed with a magnet, and are much more budget-friendly than other forms of storage.

There are a number of great tank bag options on the market but, you could easily suffer from analysis paralysis with the different features and styles. We’ve rounded up the best options to help you choose the right bag for your motorcycle and upcoming adventures.

Best for Storage
Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle Tank Bag Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle Tank Bag

Roomy, expandable. quality made

Larger bag with space for longer trips and quick-release straps for easy fueling.

Best Low Profile
Cortech Super 2.0 Cortech Super 2.0

Compact, strong magnet, durable materials

Great storage with a small footprint, perfect for any style of motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Tank Bags Reviewed

Explore our top picks to find the right tank bag for your bike

Nelson-Rigg Trails End

Nelson-Rigg has been a part of the motorcycle scene since 1972, manufacturing luggage, covers, and apparel. Their gear is known for its durability, at a price that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

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Constructed with 1680D UltraMax fabric, the Trails End Adventure Tank Bag has a structured shape that holds up to both weather and speed. The fabric protects against strong UV rays so you won’t experience fading after long-term use.

Its standard 12L size expands up to 16.52L to accommodate more gear, making it a versatile option for short and long rides. The bag’s universal fit and unique v-shape makes it an especially great choice for adventure, enduro, and dual-sport machines.

Special features include side pockets for easy access to smaller items, reverse-coil zippers to keep dirt and debris out and zippers functioning properly, a waterproof cover to keep the elements out, and a cord passthrough for hydration or charging capabilities.


  • Expandable size from 12L to 16.52L
  • Anti-slip base to prevent movement or scratching to the tank
  • Quick-release straps for easy fueling
  • Top clear pocket for maps or smart phones
  • Affordable price


  • Bulky, somewhat awkward size and shape, especially when extended
  • May not fit well with standard, cruiser, or touring style bikes
  • Can be difficult to properly mount

Cortech Super 2.0 Low Profile Tank Bag

There’s a reason Cortech is on this list so many times, they’re one of the leading motorcycle gear manufacturers on the market with a lot of great products. This first bag is one of their most popular styles, and for good reason.

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This sleek tank bag provides riders of all types with a simple storage option. The bag, made from 1680 denier ballistic polyester and 1800 denier three-lined twill Jacquard, expands from 5.0L to 10L, providing ample storage.

Its one-way zipper makes for easy access to riding essentials like keys and wallets, and its removable clear pocket is great for phones.

This bag is also available in a strap mount version for those with non-metal tanks or who want to avoid the possibility of scratching.

This bag is great for those looking for minimal storage without taking up a lot of space.


  • Low-profile making it a comfortable option for any style bike
  • Expandable size for ideal storage
  • Reflective piping for safety
  • Strong magnets and simple installation
  • Rain cover to protect against the elements


  • Inside pockets might be too small for some items
  • May scratch tank with extended use – best to keep an eye out for any debris prior to each installation

GIVI XStream Tanklock 15L Tank Bag

GIVI is known for their quality and style, having manufactured motorcycle products for more than 35 years. Specializing in cases, bags, and accessories, they put a special focus on design and functionality.

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Tank lock bags do one thing that strap down and magnetic bags don’t – they guarantee a secure fit without the fuss or worry that the magnet won’t hold up.

These bags use rings specifically designed to a bike’s fuel cap (purchased separately) in order to securely affix the bag to the bike. Once clicked into place, the bag stays put.

This bag features a waterproof main compartment, waterproof zippers, and comes with a rain cover to protect your gear from the elements. Made from 1200D nylon, this is a medium-sized bag with a 15L capacity.

This bag is best for riders who value style and function.


  • Waterproof main compartment and zippers
  • Locking mechanism guarantees a secure fit
  • Shoulder strap for carrying after removal
  • Media ports to run power to the bag
  • Dual phone/tablet pouches with one that’s removable


  • Must purchase a bike-specific ring separately in order to achieve proper fit
  • Larger size and shape which can be uncomfortable for some riders
  • More expensive option than some of its competitors
  • No dividers inside the main compartment
  • Clear pocket can dry/crack over time
  • Water can get inside the media port if the cover isn’t on

Cortech Super 2.0 18-Liter Magnetic

Anyone can manufacture motorcycle bags, but great companies manufacture with rider functionality in mind. When designing products, Cortech really considers the rider and the many different ways they might use a bag.

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This 18L tank bag is made out of 1680D ballistic polyester and 1800D three-lined twill Jacquard fabric, making it a durable option.

It’s the largest bag in this series, providing enough room for short and long trips. The bag also features both a grab handle and backpack straps to carry it when away from the bike. The base is both slip and scratch resistant so that it stays put on your tank.

Special features of this bag include two grommets for hydration tubes or headphones, locking zipper pulls, zipper garage for main compartment, removable map pouch, and water bladder holder.

This is a great option for riders who like to take longer trips and need the storage to go with it. Plus, having water on hand and easily accessible while riding is a major plus for those warm summer rides.


  • Strong magnets
  • Reflective piping
  • Rain cover included
  • Expandable main compartment to increase storage capacity
  • Available in a strap mounted version as well
  • Hidden backpack straps
  • Organization both inside and outside to keep different items safe
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Lightweight


  • Pricier than some of its competitors
  • Zippers have challenged some riders

OGIO Super Mini Tanker Tank Bag

Ogio is popular amongst those in the motorsports industry. Their products are known for their quality and sleek, modern designs.

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This Super Mini Tanker is great for riders who need a little bit of storage without taking up much space. At just 6L, it provides enough room and organization for the essentials like keys, wallet, and sunglasses, while also providing a place for phones, GPS, or maps.

Featuring both a grab handle and shoulder strap, riders can quickly remove it from their bike and carry it with them. Constructed out of 420D dobby nylon and 600D polyester, this bag features a neoprene non-slip pad to prevent scratching.

Connected by a magnetic 3D clip system, the bag stays put while riding and can be removed easily. The sleek design hugs the curves of the bike, staying out of the way of the rider. This is the perfect bag for shorter trips and easy access.


  • Plenty of organization and storage for the essentials (plus some)
  • Durable and quality-made bag
  • Strong magnet that stays put, even at high speeds


  • Higher price tag for its size
  • May slide around if bike is wet

Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag

The last of the Cortech bags on the list is perfect for those who want to bring the bare minimum on their rides; the ones who appreciate no fuss and no frills.

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The Cortech Micro is like the extra pocket you need when out on a ride. It’s the perfect size for a phone, wallet, keys, license, registration, and insurance.

Constructed from 1680 denier ballistic nylon, it’s a durable bag with two main compartments. The media pocket with an angled pad fits GPS and most smartphones, tilting it toward the rider for easy viewing. The grommet on the media pocket allows for headphone use while riding.

Its universal fit makes it an easy addition to any bike with both magnets and straps to accommodate all riders. A soft rubber base prevents scratching so your baby stays in pristine condition.


  • Perfect for just the essentials
  • High-quality, durable construction
  • Small design fits any bike and stays out of the way
  • Easy viewing for GPS and phone
  • Multiple pockets/organization options in main compartment to separate items


  • Not waterproof/resistant
  • Bottom compartment unzips from the bottom so items could fall out
  • May not fit some bigger smartphones
  • Phones may overheat if used in direct sunlight

Selecting the Right Bag

When it comes to selecting the right tank bag for your bike, there are a number of things riders should consider.

How will I use it?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a tank bag is how you plan to use it. Whether you need something for everyday use, occasional long-haul trips, or something that can be used on and off the bike, there are options that can fit your specific needs.


The first thing you need to ask yourself is, how much storage do you actually need?

Many companies make their tank bags in a range of sizes, from mini for just the essentials up to 25L+ for multi-day trips and more gear.

Below are some of the standard sizes for tank bags and some items you can expect to take with you.

2L – 3L

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Registration/Insurance
  • Wallet


As above plus:

  • Gloves
  • Camera
  • Snacks


All the above plus:

  • Jacket/Sweatshirt
  • Small tool kit


All the above plus:

  • Rain gear
  • Hydration bladder


All the above plus:

  • Clothes/Toiletries for longer trips

Once you figure out your storage needs, you can narrow down the options available to you.

Attachment Styles

There are three main attachment styles for tank bags: magnets, straps, and tank locks.


Will only work on metal tanks, so if your machine has a different style tank, you’ll have to work with one of the other attachments.

If using a magnet style tank bag, you’ll want to check for any debris on the tank before you attach the bag. This will help prevent scratching of the tank paint.


Straps are a great option if you’re worried about scratching the tank with the magnet style attachment. The only thing to consider is the shape of your tank and the shape of the bag. Sometimes, the shapes don’t align perfectly which can cause secure or snug fitment issues.


Tank locks are the most secure style of attachment but require additional hardware that attaches to your bike’s fuel cap. You’ll want to make sure the manufacturer has the hardware for your bike before purchasing a bag with this style attachment.

Water Protection

There are several terms that are used interchangeably to describe a product’s water protection, including waterproof, water-repellant, and water-resistant.

This can apply to the bag itself, the liner inside, or the cover that comes with many bags.

Water-resistant and water-repellant only suggest that they will help to keep water (like light rain) at bay for a short period of time. Meaning, enough time to get yourself under an overpass or other structure when it starts to rain. Prolonged exposure to rain with a water-resistant or water-repellant bag can and will lead to saturation.

With waterproof bags or covers, you can generally leave them out in the elements longer, but you wouldn’t want to leave them out in the elements indefinitely. Similar to how waterproof rain gear isn’t completely waterproof, waterproof tank bag covers are still susceptible to saturation after prolonged exposure to heavy rains.


It’s important to consider where bags have grommets because even if a bag is considered waterproof, grommets can allow water to leak into areas like the clear pouches for GPS, tablets, maps, and cellphones.

IP rating

If you’re looking for a waterproof bag that is meant to withstand the elements for longer periods, look for an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. An IP rating consists of two numbers – the first which (from 0-6) measures against debris and the second (from 0-9K) which measures against moisture.

For a waterproof bag, you’ll want to especially focus on a higher second number, although looking for higher digits for both numbers is ideal for those that do a lot of off-road or adventure riding.

Quick Release & Off The Bike Options

Some bags have quick release buckles that allow you to quickly and easily remove the bag from the tank, without removing the install straps.

This is great for bags that riders will use regularly and need to repack often.

A number of bags also come equipped with additional, removable straps that allow riders to attach to the bag after it’s removed from the bike, and carried like a backpack or satchel.

If you will use a bag frequently for travel or work, or you select a bigger, awkwardly shaped bag, look for one with these additional features so you’re not stuck carrying a bag around by its grab handle.

Outer Shell Material

For the best durability, you want to select a bag that will stand up to the elements and fading. Tank bags made from high-quality polyester, and those with additional ratings such as ballistic, are sure to stand up wind, debris, rain, and the normal wear and tear of everyday use.

Denier rating

Many bags are made from polyester with varying denier ratings, a measurement that gauges thread weight and thickness. The higher the denier, the more abrasion-resistance the product has, and the better it will stand up to the elements.

The minimum denier that you will want to look at for the main bag material is 600D polyester. Although, a bag with a higher rating like 1680D-1800D will be much more durable in the long-run.

UV resistance

Selecting a bag that offers UV resistance is also a great idea since most bags are black and can fade over time. This UV resistance will help to prevent that fading that many riders face with bags, jackets, gloves, and other riding gear.

Wrapping Up

This list is our top picks for tank bags that run the gamut from adventure to cruiser, micro to large, and bulky to sleek.

Regardless of how you’ll use a tank bag, we know that they provide riders with the convenience that saddlebags and tail bags are unable to deliver.