How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Motorcycle?



Wrapping your motorcycle can vary in price depending on the number of parts you wrap, the materials used, and how much work it takes. 

It can cost anywhere from $500 for a simple fuel tank wrap to $4000 for a full-on wrap of all potential components like bodywork, fenders, etc. 

If you wrap the bike yourself, you may find things are much cheaper, but it can be a lot of work, so lots of patience and research are required. 

Factors that affect the cost of wrapping your motorcycle

Wrapping a motorcycle is the ultimate way to customize your motorcycle, with plenty of options for materials, colors, designs, and which parts to wrap. If you aren’t happy or fancy a change, you can just remove the wrap. 

However, a couple of key factors affect how expensive the process is.


The type and quality of material used for the wrap have the most effect on the cost of wrapping your motorcycle. 

A few material options can be used for wrapping a vehicle. 

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used as it is durable and comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and finishes. Gloss, Matt, Brushed Metal, and even Carbon Fibre are popular options.

However, the quality of vinyl wrap varies quite drastically. Lower-quality wraps can be difficult to apply and only last for a short time. 

Whereas good quality vinyl wraps can last years and adhere easily to the motorcycle. 

Quality vinyl will also be quite durable and protect your paintwork from any road debris etc. thinner, cheaper alternatives may have different protective abilities.  

Something like this 3M Vinyl wrap on Amazon would be considered a good quality vinyl wrap, and it comes in various sizes, colors, and finishes. 

You can get real gold or silver wrap if cost isn’t an issue and you want some bling on your motorcycle, but in this case, it is probably best to leave the wrapping to the professionals. 

How labor-intensive the work is 

If you are getting your motorcycle wrapped by a professional company, then the cost will primarily be affected by how long it will take them to complete the job. 

The number of parts they need to wrap and how difficult it is plays a significant role. 

Some motorcycles will need to be stripped down to be professionally wrapped, which can mean removing the bodywork etc. 

This takes time and work, so you can expect your costs to rise. 

If you just want your tank wrapped, this will be cheaper than if you want everything done. 

A partial wrap is an excellent test to see if you are happy with the finished outcome before committing to a full wrap. 

DIY vs Professional Wrap

There are two ways to go about wrapping your motorcycle: buy the materials and do it yourself or get a professional to do it.

Doing it yourself will likely save some money, depending on the materials and tools you purchase. 

However, you will need to do quite a lot of research to learn how to wrap your bike to a good standard. It can be a frustrating job and difficult to get a perfect finish. 

Having your motorcycle wrapped professionally will cost a fair bit more, but the results should be perfect and exactly as you wanted.

It will save you the stress of trying a couple of times before getting your wrap satisfactory. 

Wrapping vs Painting

Wrapping your motorcycle is significantly cheaper than having it professionally painted. A professional paint job can cost anywhere from $2,500-$8,000, depending on the work required, designs, etc. Read here to find out how much it costs to paint a motorcycle.

Having your motorcycle painted is a permanent decision unless you have it resprayed again at a later date. This is, however, a very costly way to go about things. 

Custom painting your motorcycle very rarely will add any value to your bike when it comes to resale. It will likely cause the bike’s value to decrease as any custom work is such a personal thing, only valuable to the current owner. 

A professional motorcycle wrap is cheaper and can be a temporary customization. The wrap is easily removed, and therefore the resale value of your bike should be unaffected. 

Final Thoughts

The cost of getting your motorcycle wrapped varies significantly, but it will usually work out cheaper than getting it professionally painted; plus, you end up with a custom design tailored to your tastes.