Best Winter Motorcycle Jacket For Comfort and Safety (2023 Edition)



Most motorcycle riders store their bikes away when the temperatures start to drop. 

But what if I told you you don’t have to? 

I’ve found five motorcycle jackets with the necessary designs to keep you both safe and warm through the winter. 

Detailed reviews of their features are below, and a buyer’s guide lays out what you need to look for in a quality winter motorcycle jacket.

Best Overall
Alpinestars T-GPR Jacket Alpinestars T-GPR Jacket

Comfort and value for the coldest months

A thermal liner and waterproof membrane keep the elements out. Quality armor keeps you safe.

Best Budget Option
Sedici Matteo Waterproof Jacket Sedici Matteo Waterproof Jacket

A low price and lots of storage

With standard features and a ton of pockets, commuters can save money while still taking on winter weather.

Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets Reviewed

Alpinestars T-GP R v2 WP Jacket

I’m a big fan of the Alpinestars brand because they always manage to fit a lot of quality into a low price range. The T-GP R is no exception, it’s one of the best values for winter motorcycle jackets.

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This particular Alpinestars model is great for winter riding due to the thermal liner, insulated front flap, and waterproof membrane. These keep you warm by trapping in your body heat and preventing the elements from reaching your skin.

However, the T-GP R is a great value because it’s not just a winter jacket. The thermal liner is removable, and there are airflow vents you can open with a zipper if you get hot.

Since it’s also waterproof, it is suitable for spring weather or winter riding in a climate where the weather changes frequently.

This jacket is comfortable and protective too. Though it can get snug in the biceps if you have big arms, the pre-curved sleeves make it more comfortable in a riding position, and the accordion panels help it adjust to your specific body type.

Bio Air armor protects your shoulders and elbows, and you can even choose a version with yellow detailing for maximum visibility.


  • Great value
  • Thermal liner with insulated front flap
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Adjustable for temperature changes
  • Adaptive fit
  • Shoulder and elbow armor
  • 3 detailing options


  • Snug in the upper arms

Sedici Matteo Waterproof Jacket

The Sedici Matteo is my budget recommendation because it still has most of the features you’ll find on top-shelf jackets but at a much lower price.

It has a three-layer system that includes a thermal and waterproof liner. This keeps you warm and dry at low temperatures, but you can adjust if the day heats up because they’re removable.

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I like the Matteo’s number of pockets, including a specific mobile phone pouch. These have waterproof zippers to keep devices and papers clean and dry. As a result, this is a good jacket for a commuter.

Lastly, despite the low price, this jacket has the safety to let you ride with confidence. On top of generally abrasion-resistant polyester fabric, there’s tough armor at the shoulders and elbows to protect your most vulnerable areas in case of an accident. 

Plus, the Matteo is one of the most visible jackets out there. You can get it in all black if you want, but you can also get it with extensive yellow detailing that stands out to other drivers on the road.


  • Budget price
  • Three removable layers
  • Numerous waterproof pockets
  • Shoulder and elbow armor
  • Visible yellow option


  • Fit not very adjustable
  • Runs small

Scorpion EXO Yosemite Jacket

The Scorpion EXO is a top-shelf jacket with an extensive array of features to make winter riding comfortable and safe.

Many of these features are hard to find on other jackets, like a Neoprene collar. Your neck is vulnerable to cold wind, so this makes a big difference. This, combined with the full-sleeve thermal liner provides excellent insulation in cold weather.

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The EXO is one of the safest jackets on the market as well. The fabric on the jacket’s main body is 500D. You will find jackets with better Denier counts, but this isn’t bad.

More impressively, though, the abrasion zones have 1680D fabric, which is really tough. Plus, there’s armor at the shoulders and elbows, the elbow armor adjustable with VELCRO closures for a more comfortable fit.

Speaking of comfort, this jacket has accordion stretch panels and adjustment straps at the waist, biceps, and forearm. As long as you get the right size, this jacket can adapt to most body types so you can move as needed on and off the bike.


  • Neoprene collar
  • Full-sleeve thermal liner
  • 1680D abrasion zones
  • Shoulder and elbow armor with VELCRO closures
  • Accordion stretch panels
  • Numerous adjustment straps 


  • Top-shelf price
  • Main body fabric under 600D

Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket

The Firstgear Kathmandu 2 is another top-shelf option that has several quality features.

It has high-quality CE2 protective armor pre-installed, made from SAS-TEC it is thin and flexible for a more comfortable fit whilst maintaining its protective qualities in an impact.

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Firstgear even included proper level 2 back armor, While most winter motorcycle jackets have pockets for back armor, it’s usually sold separately or filled with a useless foam pad.

I also want to mention the standard features it has. These include adjustable straps, tons of pockets including waterproof and cargo options, and a removable waterproof liner. The detailing even includes reflective material for safer night riding.


  • Comfortable shoulder and elbow armor
  • Proper back pad
  • Adjustable fit
  • Removable liner


  • Top-shelf price
  • Main body fabric under 600D

BILT Shadow Waterproof Jacket

If you’re on a strict budget, this BILT Shadow jacket is one of the least expensive winter jackets you’ll find on the market.

It doesn’t have all the features of more expensive models, but it does get the job done. In fact, it has a removable quilted lining in addition to a neoprene collar.

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One impressive aspect of this jacket is the 600D outer shell. This is tougher and more resistant to abrasion than some of the top-shelf models on this list. There’s also armor at the shoulders and elbows and even a removable foam back panel.

You mainly see the low price in the fit, which isn’t very adjustable. It also tends to catch air and balloon up at high speeds. That said, there is some tab adjustment at the hips.

Additionally, you don’t get any detailing options. The Shadow only comes in black. However, it does have reflective material if you plan to ride at night. 


  • Budget price
  • Removable quilted lining
  • Neoprene collar
  • Shoulder and elbow armor
  • Removable foam back panel
  • Reflective bands


  • Fit not very adjustable
  • Catches the wind
  • Only comes in black

Buyer’s Guide

Considerations, care and cost


When you’re buying a winter jacket, the first thing you’re looking for is probably warmth. There are features to look for to make sure the jacket will keep you as warm and toasty as possible, even during the coldest months.

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The main thing a jacket needs to keep you warm in the winter is some kind of insulation. This will usually be a soft fabric liner that attaches to the inside of the rougher outer shell.

This traps your body heat inside the jacket to keep you warm. Generally speaking, thicker liners keep you warmer, but it also depends on the quality of the fabric.

Waterproof Lining

In many places, winter is also the wettest season. Whether it’s from rain, snow, or slush, dampness will make you even colder than you otherwise would be. A waterproof lining can keep moisture from reaching your skin, and if you’re dryer, you’re warmer.  


Unfortunately, many motorcycle jackets don’t have prominent insulated collars. The result is that even if the jacket itself is warm, cold wind hits your neck. You can lose a lot of heat this way and still end up too cold to ride.

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A good collar solves this problem. On top of just a collar, some jackets even include a full hood, ensuring that cold wind doesn’t hit your neck.


You want a jacket to stay warm, but you can’t forget its principal purpose: keeping you safe. Luckily, most winter motorcycle jackets have plenty of features to do just that.

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High-Denier Fabric

The toughness of a fabric depends on its thickness, which is measured in Deniers. The higher the Denier count, the more protective the material is. You want to look for a jacket with an outer shell with a high Denier count, usually over 600D.


In addition to tough fabric, good jackets include armor in vulnerable places like your elbows and shoulders. These are usually made of foam or polymer to absorb the shock of an impact if you have an accident. Foam armor is better than nothing but we would always recommend upgrading this to a higher quality option for maximum protection.

Visible Material

One of the most dangerous aspects of riding a motorcycle is that you’re smaller and less likely to be seen by drivers on the road. Get a jacket with either reflective material or bright detailing, usually yellow or green, to make yourself more visible. 

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Lastly, you want your jacket to be comfortable. This is especially true if you’re going to be riding a lot, whether because you’re a commuter or like to go on long tours.

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Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps let you secure the jacket where you need to and make it looser where it’s too tight. This helps it fit more comfortably overall, and it keeps you warmer by preventing excessive airflow.

Accordion Panels

Accordion panels let the jacket expand and contract based on the size of your body and your movements. These are especially important if you wear the jacket both on and off the bike.


This list focuses on winter jackets, but I still want to emphasize the importance of ventilation. You may live in a climate where winter weather fluctuates a lot, and some days it may be warm enough for you to need airflow.

Additionally, ventilation increases the jacket’s value because you can use it during the fall and spring. Just make sure you can close the ventilation with something like waterproof zippers. Otherwise, the jacket isn’t going to keep you warm at all.

Final Thoughts

I recommend the Alpinestars T-GP R v2 WP Jacket for its overall value and comfortable design. If you’re looking to save money, you should consider the Sedici Matteo Waterproof Jacket.