Motorbike vs Motorcycle—Is There a Difference?

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There’s not any practical difference between the words motorbike and motorcycle. Both refer to the same motorized two-wheeled vehicles you’re probably imagining. However, motorbike is really only used in the UK and Australia while motorcycle is common throughout the English-speaking world, especially the US and Canada. Motorbike vs Motorcycle Search Terms Google actually has a … Read more

Honda Grom Competitors: 5 Options To Consider

Honda grom's

With its agile frame, impressive top speed, and potential for customization, the Grom has become one of Honda’s best-selling motorcycles. Since its inception in 2014, they’ve sold nearly a million units of the minibike.  Naturally, this means other companies have come out with their own models to compete with the Grom and try to get … Read more

Honda Grom Oil Type: What Should I Use?

Changing oil on a motorcycle

The Honda Grom requires 10W-30 oil. The 2022 Honda Grom owner’s manual recommends Honda 4-stroke motorcycle oil. If you don’t use Honda oil, the manual specifies that the oil meets the following standards: SAE standard: 10W-30 JASO T903 standard: MA API classification: SG or higher Additionally, the manual excludes oils marked as “Energy Conserving” or … Read more

Motorcycle vs Dirt Bike: What Are The Differences?

Two wheels, two tires, handlebars, and a motor. Dirt bikes and street motorcycles may look like similar machines, but they’re actually very different and serve different purposes. If you’re trying to decide between the two, read on to learn how they compare in design, safety, and accessibility. Motorcycles vs Dirt Bikes: Different Features Frame Engineers … Read more