11 Motorcycles with Cruise Control [With Eye Candy]

Group of travelling bikers

Motorcycle manufacturers have been releasing new models with cruise control. Cruise control is a great way to keep your right hand from getting tired, especially on long drives. You can set it to maintain the desired cruising speed and, by using the throttle, change gears for better performance when driving on hills or going up … Read more

Sena 5S – The best for beginners with a riding buddy

Sena 5s

The Sena 5S is a two-way intercom Bluetooth motorcycle headset built for entry-level riders and comes with an impressive list of features; Hear your buddy from nearly half a mile away Individual volume controls for unique audio sources Bluetooth 5.0 audio quality—pristine What’s in the box? Right out of the box you’ll find two speakers, … Read more

How to Listen to Music on a Motorcycle

Young girl listening to music

Listening to music on a motorcycle can be both a joy and a safety hazard. Being able to hear everything happening on the road is crucial when it comes to safety, but who doesn’t want to listen to some tunes on their bikes? This article will talk about the safety tips, legalities, and methods of … Read more

Do Motorcycles Have Radios and Are They a Good Idea?

Motorcycle dials

Riding with music on the radio can be a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery. However, the benefit of having a radio is not always available as not every motorcycle has one.  In this article, we will be discussing which motorcycle types feature a radio, whether having one is worth it or not, … Read more

9 Ways To Quiet a Motorcycle Exhaust

motorcycle exhaust closeup

An exhaust system is the main source of a motorcycle’s noise, and it can get pretty loud! There are various methods to lessen the noise from your motorcycle. Some are cheap and easy, while others are expensive and time-consuming.  In this article, we will discuss nine ways you can reduce motorcycle exhaust noise.  1. Inspect … Read more

Can Motorcycles Stop Faster Than Cars?

motorbike crashed into car

Many people believe motorcycles can stop faster than cars. Some even argue that since motorcycles are lighter in weight, they will have a shorter stopping distance than their four-wheel counterparts. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. In this article, we will tell you why. What is stopping distance and what factors affect it? A vehicle’s … Read more

What Are Motorcycle Fairings? 

sportsbike cornering hard

Most modern motorcycles, particularly racing and sportbikes, are equipped with fairings. These are protective shells that cover the frame of a motorcycle, offering significant benefits like positive airflow for better speed and protection to the engine and rider from debris on the road.  In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about motorcycle … Read more

Can You Leave a Motorcycle Outside In The Rain?

motorbikes parked in rain

A lot can go wrong if you store your bike in poor conditions. One of the most damaging scenarios is leaving it in the rain, unattended, for several days. This is because the humidity and water from rain can rust metal, and eventually destroy the bike’s sensitive parts and other electrical components.  In this article, … Read more

How many miles is a lot for a motorcycle?

very old and dirty motorcycle

When it comes to buying vehicles of any kind, mileage is something you should always consider. But the question is, how many miles are too much for a motorcycle, and is that a cause for concern?  If you’re looking for a used motorcycle or just wondering if your bike is past its best days based … Read more

18 Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

motorcycle in rain

Riding in the rain can be fun, provided you understand what to expect and how you can ride safely. There is always the possibility that you will encounter bad weather so it is important to be well-prepared for it. Here are some essential tips to stay safe while riding your bike during a heavy downpour. … Read more